Low profile yet rich with high-performance features, the 10R lets riders make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, get GPS directions and have full-duplex intercom conversations with other riders in crystal-clear quality through the stereo Bluetooth® headset.

Sena 10R Slim Bluetooth communication comparison

Sena Bluetooth, leaders in bike intercom systems, have recently introduced arguably the worlds slimmest helmet intercom system, The Sena 10R.

Intended for riders who want the lowest-profile headset possible, it is also feather light at less than 28 grams.

But it does not end there. Crammed with features, you will be up and running in no time as helmet mounting is a simple task , saving even more weight as no clamp is required.


Full control at the tip of your fingers

The innovative Bluetooth® Handlebar Remote puts the controls where you can easily see and use them with a gloved hand without interrupting the rhythm and safety of your ride. Included in the box.

Sena motorcycle communication handlebar remote

Ease of use is further extended through an extensive voice-command menu, ideal for those riders who prefer not to read owners manuals.

Features of the Sena 10 R Slim

number 1Listen to full stereo music via your cell phone, Mp3 player or GPS. Both riders can listen to their own music.

number 2Bluetooth music playback control by AVRCP: allows you to play, pause, track forward and reverse your songs from the headset . This is an important safety feature as no fumbling on your player is required.

number 3Individual volume control for each audio source e.g you can have incoming phone calls set at a higher volume than music from your Mp3 player. The headset remembers these settings.

number 4Make and receive phone calls wirelessly. Driver and Passenger are independent and can receive different calls.

Helmet instillation of 10R Slim communication system

Download the latest Firmware for your Sena 10R Slim

The Sena 10 R is fully up-gradable, check for updates regularly .

number 5Talk to your passenger or 4 other bikers, wirelessly up to 900 m away.

number 6Wireless Bluetooth connection to your GPS to receive driving information (music automatically pauses and re-starts after receiving a GPS instruction)

number 7Full voice prompt menu for ease of use.

number 8Music streaming allows for 2 riders to share one music source.

number 9Fully waterproof

number 10Excellent rechargeable battery life-8 hours talk time, 7 days standby.

number 11The unit can be charged, while riding your bike with supplied 12V charger.

number 12Super Slim Profile

Motorcycle communication system control system

Visit our Sena Video Page!

Our Sena Video page has several instructional and features videos

Motorcycle communication system slim




Sena 10R Super Slim Bike Headset

R 3,850.00

The Sena 10R is a wireless entertainment and bike headset intercom system: very small in size but big in features such as voice control, 900 m range and much more. FREE DELIVERY.


R 1,880.00

The Sena Handlebar Remote is a wireless device that clips on your left bike handgrip allowing a rider to control a Sena motorcycle headset or action cam. Suitable for the Sena SMH5, SMH5FM, 10R, 10S, 20S, 30K, 50S, 50R, 10C, 50C. FREE DELIVERY.


Sena SMH 10 R Battery Pack

R 720.00

Sena SMH 10 R Battery Pack: replacement battery pack for the SMH 10 R..


Sena SMH 10 R Slim Speaker Kit

R 385.00

Replacement  slim speaker kit for your SMH 10 R..

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