The very nature of motorcycling ensures that one is potentially exposed to cold weather throughout the year. If you have ridden in wet or cold conditions you will know that control and enjoyment of the motorcycle can be severely compromised by cold aching hands.

The majority of a person’s body heat is lost through the head, hands and feet. It makes sense then to ensure that these extremities are well catered for.

Heated hand grips make a tremendous difference to your personal
comfort, safety and enjoyment and are also ideal for people who suffer from arthritis. Many riders also claim that heated grips help to reduce forearm pump which can result in numb hands and wrists.

number 1The controls are supplied with a mounting kit to mount directly to handlebar or the cockpit.

number 2Heating elements are integrated into the grip and are not wrap around

number 3Quick warm up time

number 4Provides full heat over the entire length and girth of the grip-no cold spots

number 5Plug and Play with a full wiring harness provided

number 6Variable heat settings for maximum comfort

number 7Dual relay protected electronic control unit

number 8Low power consumption: 33 watts per pair

number 9The grips shuts off if the battery drops below 12V, ensuring you never have a flat battery

number 10Easy to install with only two wires to connect. Instructions are provided.

Why we do not advocate wrap type grips

A wrap type grip heater is really a thin piece of flexible plastic with heating elements “printed” on its surface. To install this type of product, a customer must first carefully remove their old grips, then glue the wrap grip heater to the steel handlebars(this bond often fails due to heat fatigue) and finally re-install their grips. Wrap grip heaters, by the very nature of their design, transfer much more of their heat to the handlebars and less of their heat to the rider’s hands.

Another common problem with wrap grip heaters is that they are often shorter in length than the grips they are attempting to heat. Finally, many wrap grip heaters lack any strain relief on the wires that enter them and suffer from premature failure.

Our heated grips are not elements that wrap around the handlebar or existing grip but are integrated into the grip for maximum comfort and functionality. Such grips produce heat from within the grip itself (ensuring
that there are no cold spots or unheated areas) and are much more efficient at transferring heat to where it is needed, the rider’s hands.