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BMW R1200 GS LC (Water Cooled)

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BMW Motorrad R 1200 GS LC accessories include crash bars,tank bags, panniers, top boxes,engine & headlight guards,hand guards, cell phone holders, soft  panniers & roll bags.

R 1,570.00

SW-MOTECH Radiator Guard for BMW R 1200 GS LC (13 - 16) protects the radiator from rocks, bugs, and other flying objects.

R 1,570.00

Radiator protection guards  BMW R 1200 GS LC, R 1200 GS Rallye, R 1250 GS

R 3,970.00

Provides protection to the engine cylinders while still allowing for oil changes and valve adjustment.

R 6,950.00

Constructed from high grade German Stainless steel. No need to remove for oil changes or valve adjustment

R 3,480.00

Simple to fit offering maximum maximum radiator and body panel protection. Quality German construction for tough off road use.

R 3,420.00

Constructed from heavy-duty steel for maximum radiator and body panel protection. Easy to fit.

R 5,980.00

Provides maximum protection to the radiator and body panels.Easy to fit to factory / OEM bottom crashbars

R 3,490.00

German engineering to protect the vulnerable radiator and lower fairing .

R 3,420.00

German made quality Upper Crash bars ensure a precise fit & maximum protection for both radiator & body panels.

R 5,980.00

Provides maximum protection to the radiator and body panels.Easy to fit to bottom crash bars

R 4,300.00

SW-MOTECH Bash-plate for BMW R 1200 GS LC / R 1200 LC Adv / Rallye  not only looks good, but provides additional protection for valuable engine parts.

R 1,260.00

SW-MOTECH Bash Plate Extension provides additional protection to valuable engine parts.

R 1,050.00

SW-MOTECH Skid-plate Extension for Center-stand when used in conjunction with the SW-MOTECH Engine Guard provides complete under-body protection.

R 3,200.00

SW-MOTECH Cylinder Head Guards are designed to protect the Boxer valve cover against falls and slides.

R 500.00

Protect your exhaust headers with the SW-MOTECH Stainless Steel Header Pipe Guard.

R 1,750.00

SW-MOTECH Headlight Guard  offers protection with transparent rigid ploy carbonate shield.

R 1,200.00

Reinforced screen stabilizer kit BMW R 1200 / 1250 / rallye and GSA watercooled range.

R 960.00

An easy to fit motorcycle windscreen deflector that reduces wind noise, turbulence and buffeting. No cutting or drilling of screen required. Easy to move from bike to bike.

R 620.00

SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Reservoir Guard protects your rear brake master cylinder reservoir from flying debris.

R 1,280.00

SW-MOTECH Front Axle Sliders are designed to help eliminate damage to the front axle.

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