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The range of accessories for the BMWF800GS/Adventure/F700/F650 include SW-Motech Crashbars, Engine guards, Aluminium panniers, top boxes, head light & hand guards, soft panniers & saddlebags, wide foot pegs, Drybag roll bags, LED spotlights, all suitable for off road South African touring.

R 1,840.00

An ultralight camping bed designed for rugged use, setting new standards for comfort

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R 3,580.00

Precision German engineered SW-Motech crashbars for the BMW F 800 GS / F 700 GS / F 650 GS series ensure a perfect fit, strength & optical integration. High-strength frame mounting with cross brace.

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R 3,400.00

Designed to provide maximum protection to both the vulnerable radiator and body work.Can be used with or without BMW OEM lower crashbar.  

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R 3,750.00

SW-MOTECH Bash Plate/ Engine Guard for F 650 GS / F 700 GS / F 800 GS / F 800 GSA shields the exposed underbelly of your motorcycle.


SW-MOTECH Skid Plate Toolbox

R 1,260.00

Store the essential tools you may need for your motorcycle adventure in a low, secure, and out of the way location with the SW-MOTECH Skid Plate Toolbox.

R 385.00

Protect your exhaust headers with the SW-MOTECH Stainless Steel Header Pipe Guard.

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R 380.00

Protects the exposed regulator on the BMW F 650 / 800 GS

R 380.00

SW-MOTECH Rear Brake Reservoir Guard protects your rear brake master cylinder reservoir from flying debris.

R 450.00

Prevents contact between boot and foot brake cylinder and provides additional protection.

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R 1,600.00

Offers protection for your headlight, both on the street and when heading off-road.

R 1,960.00

The two-piece gear lever allows for minute adjustments, and the spring lock protects against damage in the event of a tip-over.

R 1,480.00

SW-Motech Wide Footpegs superior foothold with cleats that will not cut the soles of your boots.

R 580.00

With SW-Motech Handlebar Riser no modifications of brake lines are necessary for installation.

R 1,450.00

Vario Barback for 28 mm handlebars by SW-Motech offers the ultimate in personalized riding comfort, letting you control the position of the handlebar.

R 1,680.00

Protection Hand-guards from Barkbusters are versatile full-wrap hand-guards that blend tough obstacle protection & weather coverage. Easy to fit. Price is for a pair.    

R 1,680.00

Barkbuster Hand Guards are tailor made, model specific for maximum protection and optimal fit. Protects both hands and levers in the event of a fall. Price is for a pair.    

R 1,680.00

Barkbusters offer heavy duty protection while keeping a compact profile needed for trail riding . Protects both hands and levers in the event of a fall. Price is for a pair.    

R 170.00

Ease Throttle Control provides easy cruise control for most dual sport bikes.

BMW F800GS/Adventure tankbags, luggage systems , Wireless rider intercoms and other accessories can be found on pages 2-7
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