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Honda CB 500 X

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Accessories for the Honda CB 500 X include SW-Motech Crashbars,   Aluminium panniers, top boxes, wide foot pegs & tank bags.  Other quality parts include Barkbuster hand guards. Desert Fox soft panniers, saddlebags, drybag roll bags & LED spotlights. All accessories suitable for off road South African touring.


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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 1,150.00

A 100% water & dust proof backpack designed for bikers.

R 980.00

A compact 100 % waterproof 12L tail bag & mini backpack with quality hardware.

R 540.00

A 100% water & dust proof versatile mini bag designed for Enduro & Adv riders.

R 260.00

A 100% water & dust proof multi use Dry Sac.

R 220.00

The black tankpad with grey bull logo can protect your tank from scratches and damage.

R 3,540.00

Constructed from heavy-duty 27 mm steel to provide maximum protection in the event of a fall. A highly recommended modification that will pay for itself over & over. Easy to fit.

R 4,570.00

A super strong yet lightweight engine guard accessory that protects the CB 500 X from stones, logs and other engine damaging debris.

R 3,500.00

Greatly eases maintenance, chains lubrication &  adjustment & puncture repairs. Easy to fit with no modification required.

R 980.00

Park your CB 500 X without worrying that it will fall over on rough surfaces & soft ground.

R 1,930.00

SW-MOTECH On-Road/Off-Road Footpegs allow you to replace your stock pegs with wider pegs at one of two heights.

R 960.00

An easy to fit motorcycle windscreen deflector that reduces wind noise, turbulence and buffeting. No cutting or drilling of screen required. Easy to move from bike to bike.

R 190.00

Ease Throttle Control provides easy cruise control for most dual sport bikes.

R 190.00

Ease Throttle Motorcycle Cruise Control offers an easy and safe way to control your throttle on those long trips.

R 2,300.00

Barkbuster Hand Guards are tailor made, model specific for maximum protection and optimal fit. Protects both hands and levers in the event of a fall. Price is for a pair.    

R 2,100.00

High tech, lightweight and stylish Bark-busters Carbon Fiber Hand-guards offer the protection you and your bike deserve. Price is for a pair.    

R 800.00

A stylish, optional addition to the Barkbuster handguard range. Price is for a pair.    


Barkbusters LED Driving Light

R 920.00

The Barkbuster LED Driving Lights for  Storm and VPS Plastic Handguards are designed to increase your visibility. Price is for a pair.    


Barkbusters LED Indicator Lights

R 920.00

The Bark-buster LED Indicator Lights for Storm and VPS Plastic Hand-guards are designed to increase your visibility using 15 ultra bright LED's that mount directly to the plastic hand-guards. Price is for a pair.    


Barkbusters Turn Signal Resistors

R 160.00

Barkbusters 10 OHM Resistor Set for LED Indicator Lights will correct the flash rate of your auxiliary signal lights.

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