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KTM 1050 / 1090 / 1190 / 1290

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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 1,150.00

A 100% water & dust proof backpack designed for bikers.

R 980.00

A compact 100 % waterproof 12L tail bag & mini backpack with quality hardware.

R 540.00

A 100% water & dust proof versatile mini bag designed for Enduro & Adv riders.

R 260.00

A 100% water & dust proof multi use Dry Sac.

R 4,430.00

SW-MOTECH Crashbars / Engine Guards for KTM 1190 / 1050 are constructed of heavy-duty mild steel, designed to provide maximum protection, and a high-quality fit.

R 4,870.00

SW-Motech Upper Crashbar protects tank and fairing of the KTM 1190 Adventure / R & KTM 1050 from scratches and damage in case of an accident.

R 4,080.00

SW-Motech Upper Crashbar protects tank and fairing of the KTM 1050 / 1190 Adventure / R from scratches and damage in case of an accident.

R 4,870.00

This rugged upper crash bar protects tank and fairing of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R as well for 1290 Super Adventure S and 1090 Adventure (16 - 20) from scratches and damage in case of an accident, helping to avoid costly repairs.

R 5,710.00

Safeguard critical & expensive parts in the event of a fall. A highly recommended accessory that will pay for itself over & over.

R 4,200.00

SW-MOTECH Bash Plate protects the engine from stone chipping and collision.

R 6,300.00

A super strong engine guard for maximum protection from rocks, logs & other damaging debris.

R 560.00

Protect your exhaust headers with the SW-MOTECH Stainless Steel Header Pipe Guard.

R 1,930.00

SW-Motech Wide Footpeg Kit offers superior foothold with cleats that will not cut the soles of your boots.

R 1,000.00

SW-MOTECH Sidestand Foot Enlarger spreads the load of your adventure bike over a larger surface.

R 1,200.00

SW-MOTECH Sidestand Foot Enlarger increases the amount of contact to help prevent your bike sinking into soft ground.

R 1,200.00

Worried about your bike toppling over ? This enlarged side stand extension offers a large contact surface for rough & soft ground. Easy to fit.

R 780.00

Prevents contact between boot and foot brake cylinder and provides additional protection.

R 980.00

Protects the clutch slave cylinder perfectly in off-road conditions if the chain comes off and damages the clutch slave cylinder or on the road in case of stone chipping or debris that may be thrown its way by the chain.

R 700.00

Protect your rear brake master cylinder reservoir from flying debris & unintentional lid removal.

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