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R 1,290.00

Improve comfort for your passenger using the SW-MOTECH backrest for Trax adventure topcases.

R 320.00

SW-MOTECH TRAX GEAR+ 38 L Top Box Lid  elastic cargo net anchors to mounting points within the recessed lid of your case.

R 220.00

SW-MOTECH Trax Water Proof Inner Bag will keep your contents dry.

R 1,080.00

SW-MOTECH TRAX GEAR+ 38 L Top Box Inner Bag compliments your ADVENTURE or EVO top case to provide a secure interior for more delicate luggage.


Trax Reflective Tape

R 280.00

Trax Reflective Tape, fits 2 Panniers or 1 Top box

R 1,150.00

Steel Toprack is highly functional , robust and easy to fit . Ideal if you need  extra luggage capacity on your bike.  

R 15,200.00R 15,500.00

The SW-MOTECH TraX ADVENTURE Alu Side case Kit is a complete turnkey hard luggage pannier system designed for adventure motorcycles,  It includes Evo quicklock pannier frames , 2 panniers and all mounting hardware as well as matched lock sets.  

R 275.00

Keep your documents and other items secure with this Lid Net 37-Liter

R 275.00

Keep your documents and other items secure with this Cargo Net.

R 160.00

SW-MOTECH Water Proof Inner Bag  has a single large pocket.

R 1,080.00

SW-MOTECH TRAX GEAR Inner Bag provides the convenience of loading and unloading your essential gear in one carry.

R 645.00

Keep your documents and other items secure with this Cargo Net.


SW-Motech TraX Expansion Bag

R 1,720.00

SW-Motech TraX Expansion Bag fits on top of the SW-Motech Trax Sidecases.

R 430.00

SW-Motech Carrying handle for TraX sidecases attaches to the existing tie-down points on the sidecases.


Trax Universal Bottle Mount

R 590.00

Trax Universal Bottle Mount base plate bolts permanently to the outside of any flat sided surface, including TraX and Pelican side-cases.


SW-Motech Quick-Lock Fuel Canister

R 930.00

SW-Motech Quick-Lock Fuel Canister allows you to attach a 2-liter fuel bottle safely and securely to your TraX sidecase.

R 1,060.00

Double bottle mount with two drinking bottles.

R 620.00

Crash Bar Spot Light Clamp by SW-Motech is designed to mount fog / off-road lights to crashbars with 22, 26, 27 or 28 mm outside diameter bars. Sold as a pair.

R 980.00

SW-Motech Spot Mount brackets provide a solid robust mount for your auxiliary LED lighting.

R 695.00

The SW-MOTECH HAWK spot-light mount for Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 '16 provides a secure mounting solution to fit auxiliary lights for improved visibility.

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