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R 3,450.00

QUICK-LOCK Luggage Carriers (designed and manufactured by German specialists SW-Motech) attach at existing frame points on the bike and do not require any drilling or cutting to install.

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R 4,250.00

Dakar Freedom Soft Saddlebags are built for durability and water resistance for bikes that already have framing.

R 6,440.00

Tough Tiger 1200 adventure panniers for rugged overland and all-terrain use.


ROK Straps Green 2 Pack

R 175.00

ROK Straps Green 2 Pack Pack Straps are specifically designed to secure smaller items.

R 245.00

ROK Straps Adjustable Straps are a modern solution for securing just about anything to a motorcycle , ATV or vehicle.

R 85.00

Sport ROK Straps differ from the Motorcycle ROK Straps as they have robust, plastic coated steel hooks on their ends as opposed to loops.

R 95.00

ROK Straps Large Heavy Duty Straps Adjustable have robust, plastic coated steel hooks on their ends.

R 590.00

A 3L flexible motorcycle fuel Bladder that easily folds away when not required. Eliminates the need for heavy, bulky jerry fuel cans.


Desert Fox 6L Fuel Cell

R 690.00

A  6L flexible Fuel Cell that easily folds away when not required. Developed specifically for long distance bike touring it eliminates the need for heavy and bulky jerry fuel cans.

R 845.00

A 20L Collapsible jerry fuel can for 4x4 & motorcycle back up vehicles . Foldaway when empty.

R 950.00

The AirRider Driver Motorcycle Seat eliminates painful pressure points,enabling you to ride in comfort for longer periods.

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R 950.00

Designed for Cruisers such as the Harley Davidson but can be used for other touring bikes with dual seats such as the BMW GS 1200.

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R 950.00

The AirRider Pillion motorcycle soft seat system is a revolutionary accessory in riding comfort & is an evolution from the original Airhawk comfort seat. Dramatically reduces painful numbness when riding.

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R 260.00

The SW-MOTECH Motorbike Luggage Cable Lock is ideal for securing the contents of any tankbag or rear bag.


Desert Fox 12V Air Compressor

R 640.00

12 V Air Compressor by Desert Fox: small, compact and VERY powerful, this air compressor is tailor made for tough off-road conditions.


Desert Fox Tyre Ease Tyre Tool

From: R 950.00

An innovative tyre changing tool dramatically simplifies tyre and puncture repair. No more pinched tubes. Compact to carry on your bike. Weighs only 800 grams. .

R 45.00

A 90 Degree Bend Valve Extension for hard to reach motorcycle valves. Simplifies tyre inflation and reduces valve tears.

R 120.00

The Desert Fox  Brass Motorcycle Tyre  Pressure Gauge is pocket-sized and robust, providing an accurate measurement of your tyre pressure from 0-3.5 Bar.

R 75.00

Protect your rims from damage during tyre changes

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Motorcycle Tyre Valve Stem Puller

R 100.00

Tire Valve Stem Puller easily pulls the valve stem into place without fingers getting in the way of the valve stem hole and pull through process

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