AirRider Driver Motorcycle Comfort Seat

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The AirRider Driver Motorcycle Seat eliminates painful pressure points,enabling you to ride in comfort for longer periods.

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The AirRider Driver motorcycle comfort seat system is a revolutionary accessory in riding comfort & represents an evolution from the original Airhawk comfort seat.

Upgrades from the original Airhawk include a thicker abrasion resistant TPU inner and an enhanced high ventilation outer mesh cover, suitable for long hot days in the saddle.

The last kilometer feels like the first, thanks to the AirRider’s Dry flotation Shape Fitting Technology.

Small interconnected air cells adjust to your movements, evenly distributing your weight and pressure over the whole cushion promoting a consistent blood flow & reducing those “hot spots” that cause pain.

The air cells also work as mini shock absorbers, reducing vibration from the road or your bikes motor.

Memory foam can’t do it. Gel seats can’t do it. Only an AirRider Comfort Seat can do it.

And it’s fully customizable and portable – use it on any bike for any rider.

Features of the AirRider Driver Motorcycle Comfort Seat:

  • Proven DRY FLOTATION technology which has effectively assisted in the healing and prevention of pressure sores in wheelchair and long-term bed ridden patients for over 30 years. This technology has now been adapted for motorcycle use.
  • The inner air bladder has been upgraded to a thicker abrasion resistant TPU with multiple interconnected cells for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • Adapts to your shape and movements redistributing pressure to prevent numbness and discomfort.
  • Reduces vibration and assists in absorbing shocks.
  • Ideal for long hours in the saddle be it anywhere from a 200-1000 kilometer day.
  • High ventilation cover and space between air cells ensures maximum ventilation & dispersion of heat/moisture.
  • Non slip Base
  • Mounts easily with two straps that connect under the seat.
  • Length 46 cm, Width 30 cm, tapering to 16cm.

Whats in the box

  • Driver AirRider and non-slip high ventilation cover
  • Two attachment straps
  • Puncture repair kit (although rarely needed due to an upgraded thicker TPU inner)
  • Instructions

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