Airhawk LTV Comfort Cushion for office, aircraft, cars & trucks

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The Airhawk LTV large comfort air cushion is designed for long distance drivers, pilots or anyone who sits for extended periods at a time

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The Airhawk LTV large comfort cushion is ideal for people who use mobility scooters, long distance drivers,airline pilots or anyone who sits for extended periods at a time e.g. in front of a computer at the office.

Its large size ensures that it can be used in many different applications including the office, car, truck or long distance airplane flights.

The secret to the extraordinary comfort of this hand made, multi-cell air cushion is its ability to adjust to your exact body contour and seating position, thanks to its patented DRY FLOTATION technology.

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Features of the Airhawk LTV Comfort Cushion:

  • The proof is in the DRY FLOATATION technology, which has effectively assisted in the healing and prevention of pressure sores in wheelchair and long-term bed ridden patients, for over 30 years
  • The hand made inner bladder is made from polyvinyl with multiple interconnected cells, for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • The Airhawk LTV cushion custom fits your shape and redistributes pressure that causes numbness and discomfort.
  • In addition the Airhawk  LTV cushion will reduce vibration and assist in absorbing shock, when used in motor vehicles or any off-road application.
  • Ideal for many many hours of sitting.
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 48cm
  • Supplied with wool cover and pump.
  • Quickly inflates with minimal effort.