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A rugged off road biased tyre that is equally adept on road, inspiring confidence regardless of terrain.

Features of the Dual Purpose Motorcycle Tyre Capra X:

• High-rigidity Kevlar reinforced casing, incorporating a unique 10 mm circumference tie bar, ensures excellent stability and rider feedback.
• Designed for tough South African conditions.
• Wide 5:4 chamfer block dual sport tread pattern delivers optimal performance across a broad range of surfaces.
• Excellent grip and traction off and on road, including wet tar.
• High cornering stability , enhanced high speed tracking with low noise and smooth rolling characteristics.
• Good self-cleaning properties for mud and clay conditions.
• Speed ratings from 160-190 km/h.
• Certified to both ECE and DOT international safety specifications.

How to choose the correct tyre for your bike

The nature of dual sport Adventure motorcycles requires consideration as to the type of tyre that best suits your riding preferences. Understanding the construction of bike tyres is a good starting point.