Desert Fox Enduro 3 in 1 Motorcycle Helmet (Decal White) with Sena SMH5 intercom & FM radio

R 3,995.00

Desert Fox Enduro 3 in 1 Motorcycle Helmet Decal White fitted with SMH5-FM motorcycle intercom delivered to your door!


Desert Fox Enduro 3 in 1 Motorcycle Helmet, Decal White, fitted with Sena SMH5 (with FM radio) motorcycle intercom

If you’re after a top-end but cost effective Enduro 3 in 1 Motorcycle Helmet, look no further.

Every ‘Desert Fox Enduro ‘3 in 1’ helmet is hand assembled and is supplied with an additional peak (black/white) and a colour-coded full face conversion kit should you wish to use it in a full face format. It is ideal for pillion riders who will not bump the rider in front of them.

Additional safety measures, which make it unique at this price point, include the Safety System plus a Makrolon visor.

The Safety System +  allows for easy removal of the helmet in the event of an emergency, particularly important if a potential spinal cord injury exists. Without this feature a first responder would experience resistance in removing a helmet, which could exacerbate an injury. By simply pulling on the Desert Fox’s emergency tabs the cheek pads slide out reducing rotation of the head and/or spinal cord.

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Sena SMH5 stereo motorcycle intercom with FM radio

The Sena SMH5 motorcycle intercom offers a lot of performance at a price that is hard to beat.

This compact, easy to use and feature-rich headset for motorcycle communications is designed for riders who require must-have features at an affordable price.

Ease of use is further enhanced with Sena’s patented jog dial– one dial controls all major functions making operation while riding a safe and hassle free experience.

Read more about the SMH5 FM intercom system here. 

Please note the Sena SMH5 box with accessories is also supplied. 

What is the in the box?

  • Desert Fox 3 in 1 Enduro Helmet Decal White
  • Sena SMH5 stereo motorcycle intercom with FM radio
  • Full Face conversion kit for helmet
  • Extra Black Peak for helmet
  • All mounting and audio accessories for SMH5-FM


In order for a helmet to offer protection, it must fit properly, be worn properly and be properly fastened.

The Desert Fox helmet is manufactured in two shell sizes and in five different helmet sizes to ensure a comfortable and optimal fit.

Measuring your head size:
Use a flexible tape measure to determine the size of your head. Wrap the tape measure around your head approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows, so as to obtain your maximum head circumference. This value represents your head size in centimeters.


Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large, Xtra xtra large