KTM 1190/1290 Short Clutch & Brake Levers

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These KTM 1190/1290  Short Clutch and Brake Levers offer greater comfort and control than stock levers. Fully adjustable in length and rake.

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KTM 1190/1290 Short Clutch & Brake Levers

By simply clicking a setscrew on the Desert Fox KTM 1190/1290 Short Clutch and Brake Levers , the rake (distance from the handle bar to the lever) can be adjusted to accommodate the smallest to the largest of hands.

No more stretching to reach a lever.

The length of both levers can also be adjusted while a specially designed low profile acorn style lock nut  keeps the setscrew secured in your desired position.

An adjustable reach and length is not only  beneficial for varying hand sizes but also ensures improved control in technical conditions where feathering of levers is required.

Standard manufacturers levers are either too long  or are not adjustable in length or rake.

Additional adjustment options therefore make it easier for the rider to customize settings for their exact profile.

Enhanced safety and comfort with bonus good looks!


  • Adjustable in length from 40 mm to 60 mm.
  • Adjustable in rake (forward and backwards) in 6 stages.
  • Rounded ball end for comfort and safety.
  • Machined from aero grade billet aluminium.
  • Simple to manipulate lever rake, even while riding.
  • Enhances the appearance and functionality of your bike controls.
  • Supplied as a pair : i.e both brake and clutch lever.


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