Dual Sport Adventure Motorcycle Gloves

R 1,450.00

Motorcycle gloves are an often overlooked safety item. It’s important to protect your head and body, but a lot of riders seem to forget the need for good hand protection.


Why do I need motorcycle gloves?

The very nature of adventure riding will ensure a rider is exposed to elements and obstacles.

Motorcycle gloves therefore are a lot more than just an accessory to keep your hands warm or to protect them from sunburn- they play a vital role in keeping your skin intact in the event of a fall.

In the case of an accident, a person braces oneself through their hands which are often the first body parts contacting the ground.

Should you fall, tar or gravel is by no means friendly to exposed gloveless skin. More so if you are braced.

Although motorcycle gloves remain primarily an important safety item they must also be comfortable, without inhibiting the operation of your bike.

Striking a balance between safety and functionality therefore becomes a vital consideration when choosing a motorcycle glove.

We believe we have found this balance in the R1 Sporthandshuhe from German manufacturers, Orina and can say with conviction that they are one of the most comfortable we have ever used.

What makes these motorcycle gloves special?

German design is renowned worldwide for its attention to detail and the R1’s excel in this regard. Designed specifically for adventure riders some of their features include:

1. Kangaroo leather palms

Kangaroo leather costs more but there are reasons for this.

Kangaroo leather is structurally unique, different from cowhide, sheepskin or any other leather. Kangaroo skin has a unique fibre structure that runs parallel to the leather surface to provide exceptional rope-like strength.

With its strength close to the leather surface kangaroo is a naturally thin and light leather.

Kangaroo Leather skin diagram

A thin leather makes for a more comfortable, form-fitting leather.

For gloves this is critical.

In order to thin other leathers such as cowhide the corium is shaved down – corium is the thick substance below the surface grain.  However, the bulk of leather’s strength comes from the corium so any shaved leather’s strength will be compromised.

Thanks to its unique parallel ropelike fibre structure kangaroo is already naturally thin and does not require shaving, thus ensuring that it retains its inherent natural strength.

Kangaroo leather has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goatskin, the latter being unsuitable for gloves due to its lack of flexibility.

Benefits of Kangaroo leather :

  •     Superior Abrasion resistance- the best of any leather. This is why MotoGP riders use Kangaroo leather.
  •     Soft feel
  •     Sweat resistance
  •     Superior tensile strength
  •     Excellent stitch-tear strength

2. Carbolex Safety palm protection 

  • Excellent slide ability
  • Minimal heat transfer
  • High breaking resistance

These gloves have no Carbolex safety palm protection , resulting in painful skin burns.  

3. R1 knuckle protector.

4. Underneath the hard knuckle protectors is a complete layer of EASA FOAM Shock Absorber as well as another layer of extremely tear- and cut resistant Kevlar.

5. Silicone panel on the palm and fourchette for secure handlebar grip.

6. Stretch panels for high freedom of movement.

7. Light padding on the fingers and on the edge of the hand.

8. Fine-pored mesh for air ventilation

9. Material reinforcements for rugged use

10. Skin-friendly CareLock Velcro

11. 50% Kangaroo Leather and 50% Kevlar

12. German Quality

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