Heated Motorcycle Hand Grips make a tremendous difference to your personal comfort, safety and enjoyment and are also ideal for people who suffer from arthritis. Many riders also claim that heated grips help to reduce forearm pump which can result in numb hands and wrists.

  • The control unit is supplied with mounting hardware to mount directly to handlebar or the console.
  • Heating elements are integrated into the grip and are not wrap around.
  • Quick warm up time.
  • Provides full heat over the entire length and girth of the grip. No cold spots.
  • Plug and Play with a full wiring harness provided.
  • Variable heat settings for maximum comfort.
  • Dual relay protected electronic control unit.
  • Low power consumption: 33 watts per pair.
  • Heated grips will automatically shut off if the battery voltage drops below 12 V therefore ensuring your bike will never have a flat battery if you forget to switch the grips off.
  • No cutting of existing wiring.
  • Easy to install using simple tools with only two wires to connect.
  • Instructions are provided.

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