Heidenau K 28 4.00 -19″ Motorcycle Street tyre

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The K28 is our new developed sidecar motorcycle tyre

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The Heidenau premium grade dual sport motorcycle tyre is manufactured in Germany by specialists Reifenwerk Heidenau- a company with a proud heritage of producing niche products for various major manufacturers and market segments as well as their own brand.

The K28 is our newly developed sidecar motorcycle tyre . Drive and steering forces are distributed over a large contact patch by the angular contour of the tyre.

This and the stable longitudinal profile in the center of the tyre reduces wear and increases the mileage. High wet grip is achieved through the use of new additives mixture and the special tread design.

How to choose the correct tyre for your bike

The nature of dual sport Adventure motorcycles requires consideration as to the type of tyre that best suits your riding preferences. Understanding the construction of bike tyres is a good starting point.