HELMETLOK Jacket Security Lock Features: 

  • This handy little cable is a great accessory for your HelmetLok.
  • Slide one end through your jacket sleeve, hook the loops at the end of the cable onto the HelmetLok and attach it to your bike.
  • Alternatively, if your helmet does not have “D” rings, run the cable through your helmet’s chin piece, loop the ends through your HelmetLok and lock it to your bike.
  • Now your Jacket and Helmet are locked to your bike.
  • When you’re finished, it will recoil back to its original length and will slip easily into your pocket. Made from 3 mm thick nickel-plated steel cable.Coiled at 11 cm (4.5 inches) long, stretching to 180 cm (6 feet).
  • 100 kilogram load capacity.

For use with the HELMETLOK 

For more info visit our HELMETLOK page.