Motorcycle Pillion Safety System

R 845.00

A pillion safety belt with patented comfort grips allowing a passenger or child to hold on safely. Doubles as a kidney belt.


Motorcycle Pillion Safety Grip Harness System

Manufactured in the US , the Grip-n-Ride™ Motorcycle pillion safety belt system, with patented comfort grips and grip support bones are stylish, lightweight, and durable belts that allow a passenger to hold on comfortably to the rider, particularly if it is a small child that cannot get their arms around the driver.

Carrying young or inexperienced pillion riders on motorcycles without a restraint system has always been a concern due to their potential vulnerability and the possibility of injuries. As an example many children simply fall asleep, dangle their feet or move around unbeknown to the driver.

We have had many queries for a pillion safety system and almost everybody interviewed has carried a pillion at some point with each rider having mixed views about the experience due to a variety of factors.

Factors to consider when carrying a pillion passenger on your bike:

• The riders’ confidence in themselves.
• The sort of bike they are riding.
• The nature of the ride: demo run, touring, quick ride around the block or a ride out with other motorcyclists.
• The ability and confidence of the pillion.

Ultimately, the outcome of these experiences related to whether the riders were responsible adults or not , the pillion concerned and the circumstances of the ride.

It was felt that no two passengers are identical and no two journeys are the same. A distinct need to secure the passenger was considered imperative.

We are thus pleased to be able to offer a solution to this concern, the Grip-n-Ride™ assist belts.

Not only does the pillion feel safer but the driver is also aware if their pillion is holding on or not.

Doubling as a kidney belt, the Grip-n-Ride™ belts provided lumbar support for the driver and can be worn with or without a passenger.  Grip-n-Ride™ is the shared passenger experience; the way it should be.

Key Features of this pillion safety system:

• Allows freedom for the driver.
• Easy for passengers of all ages and size to comfortably hold on.
• Perfect for children to finally enjoy a ride on the bike.
• Can be worn with the grips to the rear or to the front of the driver providing extra security for the passenger.
• Allows the driver to wear a backpack and comfortably carry a passenger.
• Designed to be worn as a kidney belt with or without a passenger.
• Provides lumbar support for the wearer.
• No longer have a helmet jammed into your back.
• No longer cling on for dear life to the driver.
• Allows the passenger to actually sit naturally upright with a “firm stay” located at the center of the drivers back
• Strong Uni-strap design with patented “stays” behind the grips ensuring a solid hold.
• One size fits all and fully adjustable.
• Secures to the wearer by Velcro and a buckled strap.
• Pocket for an iPod™, Mp3 player or mobile phone.
• Lightweight and durable with breathable material for comfort.
• Highly visible reflector trim for safety at night.
• Made of waterproof materials.

Available in Yellow/Black colour

Grip-n-Ride  Customer Testimonials

“It’s about time you guys came out with the Grip-n-Ride belt…my grand kids now love to ride with me because they can hold on in comfort and safety (they never were able to get their arms around me)…thanks!”

Rick S. – Rancho Mirage, CA

After reviewing this product, I believe that the Grip-n-Ride belt with its patented grips for passenger comfort and safety is by far the best and most unique product on the market in terms of lumbar support as it relates to drivers of motorcycles, ATV’s and personal watercraft. Treat your lower back to a perfectly naturally shaped luxurious lumbar support on any type of Power-sports vehicle. In my professional opinion, this product will provide critical support to the back and abdomen by reducing discomfort and pressure on muscles and joints while keeping the spinal column aligned for better and healthier posture. This product doubles as the perfect kidney belt for all Powersports enthusiasts.

Dr. Kristeen Lester, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
Chiropractic Orthopedist

Works great if you don’t have grab rails, or if you just want to give your passenger a more comfortable secure contact point. I have a BMW S 1000 R and it was not designed for passengers at all. No grab rails, nothing to hold onto as I unleash 160 hp onto my unsuspecting passenger, so this was a godsend. Straps securely around my waist, adjusts easily for a secure and comfortable fit. Provides passenger with two options to hold on, at the back or on the sides. Took my son for an exuberant two hour ride through back roads, twisties, and highways, high and low speeds. He felt very secure and comfortable as did I.- Michael Dolan

“My wife Pauline and I take long trips on our Harley and she’s into the extra security she feels holding on to our Grip-n-Ride belt while I like the kidney belt effect.”

Mitchel M. – Palm Springs, CA

“Finally I can hold on as my boyfriend rips up the mountain with me on the back. This product rocks!”

Jessica A. – Big Bear Resort, CA

“The belt is perfect for me and my wife on my Yamaha. As I go faster through the canyons, we turn the belt around with the grips in the front for added security and I can still wear my backpack with her on the bike…great product!”

Matthew G. – Malibu, CA

Needed a handle for the wife and son to hold onto while riding on the back of my bike. Handles are really nice and fit is good. It goes pretty big as my waist is about 44″ and it fits even with the jacket on with room to spare -E

I have found this to be comfortable for me, the driver, and for my wife the shirt / fat clutching passenger. No more pinching or pulling, making our trips much more enjoyable! -Daniel Irvin

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