Passenger Airhawk Soft Motorcycle Seat

R 1,495.00

The passenger  Airhawk Soft motorcycle Seat with proven, patented DRY FLOTATION system removes painful pressure & shock points.


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The remarkable difference between a Passenger Airhawk Soft Motorcycle Seat’s DRY FLOTATION system and conventional gel/memory foam seats can best be illustrated as follows:

Imagine placing a gel pad over rough ground and then lying down on it. You would still feel the rocks and ground imperfections underneath.

However, if you were floating in a shallow swimming pool you would not feel the rocks and rough ground beneath you. Such a floating sensation is the essence of the AIRHAWK DRY FLOTATION system and is achieved via a unique handmade air cell cushion.


  • Proven DRY FLOTATION technology, which has effectively assisted in the healing and prevention of pressure sores in wheelchair and long-term bed care patients for over 30 years. Now available for motorcyclists.
  • The hand made bladders multiple interconnected cell are made made from super soft polyvinyl, for maximum comfort and flexibility.
  • The air-filled Airhawk cushion custom fits your shape and redistributes pressure that causes numbness and discomfort when you ride.
  • In addition, the Passenger Airhawk Soft Motorcycle Seat cushion will reduce vibration and assist in absorbing shock.
  • Suitable for long hours in the saddle.
  • Passenger Airhawk Soft Motorcycle Seat dimensions:  Length 28 cm x  Width  23 cm

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