Short Finger Lever BMW R 1200 GS LC / R 1200 GSA LC ’13 Onward

R 1,350.00

Short Finger Levers enhance the appearance and functionality of your bikes controls.

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  • Adjustable in length from 40mm to 60mm.
  • Adjustable in rake (forward and backwards) in 6 stages.
  • Rounded ball end for comfort and safety.
  • Made from aero grade billet aluminium.
  • Easy click to adjust miniature clicker that allows riders to manipulate the lever position even while riding.
  • Enhances the appearance and functionality of your bike controls.
  • Replaces the original brake and clutch levers

Standard OE brake and clutch levers are either too long, too expensive or not adjustable in length or rake. The latter point is particularly important as no two riders are the same. The extra adjustment range available makes it easier for the rider to set the levers up and get a better position for themselves. Some aftermarket motorcycle levers offer greater adjustment than others, but generally they all offer more than what stock levers do.

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