Sidestand Foot Enlarger BMW F750 / 850 GS- SW-MOTECH

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Improves your GS’s parking footprint on wet or soft ground. Prevents your bike from falling over.

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This BMW F750 / 850 GS side stand foot enlarger offers a larger contact surface to improve your GS’s parking footprint , especially on wet or soft ground.

SW Motech’s German engineering quality is ensured through a combination of aircraft grade billet aluminum, anodizing & stainless steel to provide durability under all conditions.

Further attention to detail includes a milled grooved upper ledge which helps a rider to easily swing the side stand out, even while wearing heavy boots.

BMW F750 / 850 GS side stand foot enlarger features:

  • Side stand extension made of high strength aluminum alloy.
  • Stainless steel fastening bracket for durable mounting.
  • Ensures your bike does not fall over on soft / wet or uneven ground.
  • Easy to operate thanks to a grooved upper edge- no need to search for the side stand with your foot.
  • Easy to fit- no cutting or drilling required.


  • Side stand foot enlarger specifically for the BMW F 750 GS &  F 850 GS
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions

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