SW-Motech Centerstand Kawasaki KLE 500

R 2,350.00

A SW-Motech Center-stand is an absolute MUST for touring both on and off-road.

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A Center-stand is an absolute MUST for everyone who travels be it on- or off road.

Without a center-stand, fixing a puncture or working on your bike becomes a frustrating and challenging affair.

Features of this SW-Motech Centerstand:

  • Premium material and processing.
  • Excellent powder-coated surface.
  • Easy to put on its stand.
  • Simplifies maintenance.
  • Perfect clearances.


  • Centerstand.
  • Mounting material.
  • Mounting instructions.

Visit the SW-Motech Centerstand page for more info on the range of Center-stands.

Centerstand Kawasaki KLE 500 Fitting Instructions