SW-Motech Stainless Steel Upper Crashbars BMW R1200GS LC 2013-’16

R 4,340.00

Provides maximum protection to the radiator and body panels.Easy to fit to factory/OEM bottom crashbars

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These SW-MOTECH upper crashbars are constructed from premium grade German stainless steel  to provide maximum protection to the radiator and body panels . Designed to be compatible with the original OEM BMW R1200GS LC lower crashbar .

High-strength frame mounting points. Silver sandblasted and anodized corrosion resistant finish.

In order to install this upper tank guard the bike must either have original OEM BMW lower crashbars or SW-MOTECH lower crashbars installed.

Kit includes:

  • 2 upper crashbars
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions

Crashbars Top BMW R1200 GS LC Stainless Steel Fitting Instructions