About Bikegear

Bikegear.co.za is exclusively an online entity. To keep prices as low as possible, we offer a no frills service from our warehouse in Port Elizabeth to both our dealer network and direct to you the customer.
Our philosophy is a simple one. Quality does not have to cost the earth. Neither does good service.
All products are shipped by door to door courier to all destinations in Southern Africa.

The Office Team


The Product Tester

Our ever elusive product tester. On a bike somewhere in the most remote countries pushing all our products to the absolute limit. No rain or heat or snow will keep him from finding and then testing the best dual sport products out there so that we can ultimately deliver it to you the customer. Some say he started Bikegear and that on warm summer days you can spot him lurking near the Bikegear offices, all we know is, he is our product tester.

Bikegear Mascot

Mostly harmless, except if you’re a monkey or a bigger dog then you will get a right good barking at. Our little mascot keeps us on our toes and generally excels at his very high ranking job here at Bikegear, the job of being the most adorable Schnauzer dog this side of the river. Yes you can really email him if you want to.

Sales Manager

Our resident expert on anything with two wheels and all the accessories that go with it. If you have any questions on any of the products that we have (no matter how obscure) Matthew will know the answer. He also makes his own beer and enjoys long walks on the beach…..with a fishing pole and his home made beer.


A Legend in the motorcycle industry and (according to him anyway) a legend in the fishing waters. Now this legend has joined the Bikegear team to share his knowledge off all things two wheels. Pop him a mail or give a call to get the most legendary advice on our motorcycle accessories or even the next motorcycle you should buy. You can also get advice on the best fishing methods around, but that one is at your own risk, the only real evidence we have of his fishy tales is the photo above and we can’t even see his face, fishy indeed…


Our number crunching ninja, bookkeeper super star by day, crocheting mom by night. She will sort out any and all account queries with deft and efficiency which, by the way, is the same way she handles baking the best cheesecake you will ever have in your entire life.


On the off chance that your delivery is taking a tad too long, this would be the guy to talk to. He will sort out any problem you have in short order, some heads might roll and mountains might be moved but anything to keep the customer happy. After all the mountain moving, you will find Mark cooking up a storm as well as being an excellent barista.

The Warehouse Team



The resident handyman, having the ability to fix almost anything with proficiency and a friendly smile. After work he still tinkers taking on any repair challenge that is set before him. That sounds like a busy schedule but this jack-of-all-trades also volunteers at his local church, where does he find the time? Rumours of him tinkering on a time machine might not be too far off…


We still not sure if he has some sort of stock computer implanted in his brain or if he is like Neo from the Matrix and only sees the world in stock codes. Whatever the reason his knowledge of our stock base is the stuff legends are made off. His legend making doesn’t stop there, as after-hours he is creating soccer legends with his volunteer youth league coaching work.

Matthew # 2

“It’s not a problem”, this is Matthew # 2’s (as we affectionately call him) motto and creed. No problem is too small or too big for this lovable all “rounder”. He is our driver, packer, problem solver and just a genuinely nice guy. If you ever do visit our showroom listen for the loud belly laugh and the inevitable echo of “not a problem” as we load more problems on his broad shoulders, which we know “is not a problem at all” for our jubilant problem solver.