The worlds lightest Dual sport Helmet?

Starting at 1050g it well may be.

With a solid German engineered pedigree, the Desert Fox Pure Carbon Kevlar Enduro Adventure Helmet has been designed to be the lightest high-performance motorcycle helmet you can buy.

Finally, the Weight is Over.


What are the benefits of pure Carbon Kevlar construction?

  • The highest strength-to-weight ratio possible, for any form of motorcycle helmet construction.
  • A dramatic reduction in weight .
  • Greater protection than conventional fiberglass or thermo plastic/ABS helmets.
  • After a long day in the saddle your neck and body will feel the difference.
  • NRCS approved.
  • Meets or exceeds ECE22.05 and Dot safety standards.


What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is made by dissolving a polymer in a solvent and extruding it into a high tech fibre.

The resulting fibre has a tensile strength of about 3,620 MPa, five times stronger than steel but much lighter at a density of 1.44 grams per cm3 vs steels of 8 grams per cm

The uses of Kevlar are many, mainly in high tech applications such as bulletproof vests, knife proof body armour, F1 Race cars, aircraft bodies and boats.

Kevlar, weight for weight is one of the strongest fibres available to science.


What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is made by superheating an acrylic fiber yielding high strength to weight and high stiffness to weight properties. Carbon fiber composites can achieve the strength and stiffness of metals at significant weight savings.

Why Carbon and Kevlar?

It’s worth noting that while Kevlar has very high tensile (pulling) strength it lacks compression strength (resistance to squashing or squeezing).

For motorcycle helmets maximum protection requires both tensile and compression strength.

While Kevlar can be used by itself, this is not ideal for the rigorous demands of a safety helmet.

To achieve maximum compression strength Carbon Fiber is added resulting in a composite with flexural strength about three times that of Kevlar alone.

These two fibers, when combined, are key in achieving a high performance helmet.

It is also important to make a distinction between pure Carbon Kevlar construction and other “Carbon” helmet offerings.

To reduce costs some manufactures offer:

  • “Carbon” helmets that are either ABS or polycarbonate injection molded plastic with a Carbon finish look. Such helmets offer none of the benefits of Carbon Kevlar and are merely meant to mimic the look of a Carbon Kevlar unit.
  • Carbon and fiberglass composite- such units offer considerable cost savings as fiberglass is substituted for Kevlar. Carbon Fiberglass composites are 35% heavier and 5 x less stiff than Carbon Kevlar composites.

How is the Desert Fox Pure Carbon Kevlar helmet constructed?

Kevlar and Carbon are high tech, patented premium priced products requiring a very high degree of skill in their application.

Every Desert Fox pure Carbon Kevlar Enduro helmet is handmade , with the fibers being hand laid for consistency.

Each section of fiber utilizes optimal resin amounts to reduce weight and ensure uniform shell.

It takes 5 working days to complete one helmet.

Easily converts from a Dual Sport Adventure helmet to a Full Face or Enduro MX helmet, without tools!

Other features:

  • An optically correct visor for ultra clear vision- no halo effect or distorted view of the road ahead
  • An extra-wide visor aperture design offers good all-round vision, focusing a riders’ eyes on what they should see and not distractions. This wide eye port is also ideal for spectacle-wearers.
  • The visor is constructed from Makrolon® a patented high tech product from Bayer Material Science, Germany , developed especially for lenses . Makrolon® is highly transparent and impact resistant from -40°C to over 100°C .Virtually splinter-proof it is the first choice for practitioners of dangerous sports. Snowboarders, racing drivers, inline skaters, ice-hockey players, skiers, and cyclists all rely on lightweight yet rugged products made of high-tech Makrolon® . The World Bobsleigh Association, for example, officially equips its teams with visors made of Makrolon® as do Formula 1 racing drivers
  • The visor offers built in 100% protection from harmful ultra violet rays , UVA , UVB and UVC. Most consumers are aware of the risks of sunburn and skin cancer from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. But did you know UV and other sun radiation can also harm your eyes? Read more here.Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been linked to eye damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis that can cause temporary vision loss.
  • Genuine Pinlock 70 Anti fog Lens included
  • Anti-allergic, removable and washable lining and cheek pads made from COOL MAX (a fabric that wicks moisture away from the user and has a faster evaporative rate than cotton.)
  • Removable peak and visor for 3 in 1 versatility – Quickly transition from dual-sport/Adventure ( visor, peak), street (visor, no peak), off-road (peak ,no visor, for goggle use) without tools. A quick release visor system requires only a simple, 90 degree quarter-turn to lock/unlock .
  • Works with goggles without having to remove the visor(most helmets require the rider to remove the visor when using goggles)
  • Provision has been made to accommodate helmet speakers or ear buds with ease and comfort. No more painful ears.
  • Designed to accommodate Motorcycle Communication systems
  • Titanium Double D rings
  • Intelligent ventilation system ensures riders will keep their cool when the terrain heats up
  • Includes chin curtain
  • High quality helmet bag included

What is Pinlock?

Every Desert Fox Carbon Kevlar helmet is supplied with a genuine Clear Pinlock 70 Fog resistant lens. This lens has been specifically designed for this helmet, ensuring a perfect fit.

The Pinlock 70 lens represents Pinlock’s Premium solution and includes:

  • Patented Dry Hydrofilic technology
  • Double shield system created by a silicone seal
  • Easy to install


The slit keeps the insert lens steady and tight between the face shield and pin.


Creates a double shield system between the helmet face shield and Pinlock insert lens.


Dry hydrofilic technology like membrane surface that absorbs moisture.

Quality and safety credentials inherent in every Desert Fox pure carbon Kevlar helmet

  • Each and every production batch has sacrificial helmets. These units are subjected to an impact attenuation test whereby the helmet drops from a height of 3 m on a special steel anvil. The occurring accelerations on the test head are measured and compared with the permissible limits.1*
  • An outer shell made of high impact resistant carbon Kevlar compound.
  • The inner shell’s expanded polystyrene (EPS) is produced with very small tolerances in several densities as a sandwich compound.
  • Dual shell sizes
  • Chinstraps are woven on special weaving machines under pre-load and then tested with unique in-house equipment against stringent roll-off criteria. 2*
  • Helmet buckles employ special polymers like POM , Zytel and titanium which exceed the highest safety standards.
  • High speed impact tests according to EN 166 ensures every visor can withstand a 6 mm steel projectile striking the lens at 45 m/sec (162 km/h). 3*
  • Rigidity test that assesses the rigidity of the helmet shell by measuring its deformation while progressively applying load, from 30 Newton(N) to 630 N, in 100 N increments every 2 minutes. 4*
  • Upon completion every helmet undergoes an extensive quality check. This guarantees that all products are developed to the highest level of quality and safety.
  • Full European ECE safety, Dot and NCRS certification.


Be cautious of built in Sun visors

Drop down inner sun visors found in some helmets offer no protection against the damaging effects of UV A, B or C sun rays.

You may think your eyes are being protected (given the darker tint of the “sun” visor) however it is as good as staring directly into the sun with your naked eyes.

We doubt anyone would voluntarily stare into the sun without eye protection, so why do this with sun visors that offer no UV protection?

All Desert Fox visors have integrated UV A, B and C  protection while the peak is designed to further shade your eyes and face.

Download our guide on the dangers of UV rays and your eyes.

Other factors to consider:

A drop down visor creates a void, in some instances finger thick between the helmets inner EPS liner and outer shell . This compromises the ability of the helmet to act as a cohesive unit .

Furthermore, drop down visors have the potential to shatter in the event of an accident further increasing the chances of an eye or other injury.

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