Born in the bush of the Australian outback, Barkbusters Handguards are the name in custom fit handlebar mounted protection. Manufactured by Rideworx since 1984 and originally designed for offroaders, the Barkbusters line has expanded to cover most bikes, providing both off-road and street-wise protection for over 30 years. Whether you are bouncing off trees while ripping through the woods or just trying to keep the wind and weather off your hands during your commute, Barkbusters’ comprehensive model specific product line includes functional and stylish options that compliment any ride.

Barkbusters Aluminium backbone motorcycle hand guards are designed for one reason only, bikes fall over, often at less than walking speed. Barkbusters’ hand guards utilize a high strength model-specific aluminium backbone and integrated hand guard to maximize hand and lever protection. Regardless of whether it is a parking lot fall or a spill far from help, clutch and brake levers are exceptionally vulnerable and snap easily on impact.

A broken clutch lever, in particular, can mean the end of a tour unless a spare can be found.

Even more important are rider’s hands which also require the maximum degree of protection.

It seems rather odd then that motorcycle manufacturers do not fit a robust set of hand and lever guards to protect these vital elements. In the main, standard plastic handguards (if any) provided by the manufacturers simply do not provide adequate protection. Furthermore, the cost of replacing broken levers and rear view mirrors tends to be rather exorbitant.

Barkbuster VPS Hand guards
Motorcycle Hand guards

We believe that a premium set of handguards is one of the best investments a rider could make and to this end are pleased to offer the industry leader in hand guard protection- Barkbusters

The ultimate protection from Barkbusters utilizes a high strength aluminium backbone and integrated hand guard (with unique variable height wind deflectors) to maximize hand and lever protection. Strength and reliability are unparalleled.

Barkbusters tailor make their products in Australia to be model specific for maximum protection and optimal fit. A Barkbuster kit is not a generic “one size make it fit” scenario but rather a carefully crafted product that will fit your bike with exacting precision!

Advantages of a Barkbusters handguard system

number 1Tailor made for each model-no cutting or drilling is necessary

number 2Curved aluminium bar design makes it a snap to do a side hand release in an emergency

number 3Full wrap aluminium bar protects your hands and levers from the big hits

Barkbuster Motorcycle Hand Guard 1200GS
KLR Motorcycle Hand guards

number 4Backbones are specially heat treated for maximum impact strength and durability

number 5Heavy duty poly-propylene guards block debris and keep hands warm in bad weather

number 6Unique variable height wind deflectors

Not all hand guards are made the same. In order to make hand guards fit various models, manufactures scallop out fitment points and introduce articulated joints as pictured to the right. Hand guards fail at these weakened points.

Not so with Barkbusters. No joints and no scallops as each hand guard is designed to fit one model only. You can count on Barkbusters when you need it most!

Individual kits

What is in a model specific kit?
• Handlebar specific aluminium mounting clamps
• Model specific aluminium backbones
• Barkbuster hand guards in the colour of your choice
• Unique variable height wind deflectors
• Bar end weights where applicable

Model Specific Kits are available for the following bikes. If you don’t see your bike drop us a line and we will help with which parts you would need. 

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More than 35 years experience & focus  in manufacturing one product only- the ultimate hand guard protection.

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