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Tank Rings: ION Quick Lock

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SW-Motech invented the Quick Lock “no straps or magnets flaps” tank bags mounting system.

These tank rings are made for the Sw-Motech ION & EVO range of tank bags only.

They do not work with SW-Motech PRO tank bags.


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R 360.00

SW-Motech Quick-Lock Tank Ring for Benelli / Cagiva (6 Screw) for fitting the SW-Motech range of Quick Lock tank bags

R 360.00

Quick-Lock Tankring for BMW 1150 / 1150 / 1150 GSA / 1200 GS 2004 - 2007 by SW-Motech makes mounting Quick-Lock Tankbags a breeze.

R 750.00

SW-Motech Quick-Lock Tank Ring for Kawasaki Versys-X 300 on the feul cap is used to fit the SW-Motech range of versatile Tankbags.

R 360.00

DL 1000 V-Strom Quick-Lock Tank Ring is made of black powder-coated steel and fiberglass reinforced nylon.

R 360.00

Quick-Lock Tank Ring for Kawasaki 7 Screws by SW-Motech is required to fit the range of Quick-Lock Tank bags.

R 360.00

Tank Ring for Yamaha Sachs  enables the mounting of SW-Motech Tankbags.

R 360.00

SW-Motech Tank Ring for Quick-Lock Tankbags, made from Fiber reinforced nylon to keep your SW-Motech tankbag in place.

R 360.00

Quick-Lock Tank Socket for MV Augusta 5 Screws used to fit the SW-Motech range of Quick-Lock Tank Bags.

R 360.00

Quick-Lock Tank Bracket enables the fitment of SW-Motech Quick-Lock Tank Bags.

R 360.00

BMW Tankring 5 screws for F 650 ST / Enduro enables the mounting of Quick Lock tankbags.

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