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12 V Power Points

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R 210.00

A dual USB charger for all motorcycles fitted with a 12V Din power socket. Charge & use your USB powered devices while riding.

R 250.00

Cigarette Lighter to Dual USB Adaptor uses your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices.

R 270.00

A compact Dual USB  Smart  Charger with integrated Cigarette power socket for 3 in 1 versatility.

R 350.00

A compact Hella/ BMW Dual USB Port Smart Charger with integrated battery Volt meter.

R 280.00

12V Cigarette connector with integrated bracket can be used to charge or power most devices supplied with a Cigarette type socket.

R 380.00

A motorcycle specific handlebar 12V waterproof USB charger designed to charge devices while riding.

R 270.00

SW-MOTECH Mounting Bracket For Cigarette Lighter Socket fits many BMW model motorcycles.

R 270.00

SW-MOTECH Bracket for Hella outlet allows you to attach a flush-mount Hella outlet socket to most handlebar mounting clamps.

R 240.00

This compact 12V waterproof dual USB charger is designed for motorcycles to enable charging of cell phones, iPhones, GPS units, and MP3 players while riding.

R 140.00

Hella Plug to Standard Lighter Socket Adapter allows you to recharge many electronic devices.

R 85.00

SW-MOTECH Convertible 12-Volt plug fits both your car's cigarette lighter socket AND your motorcycle's BMW/Euro-style socket.

From: R 180.00

This harness easily connects to your bike's battery for quick connection to various other power points, straight to your tank bag or wherever you need it.    

R 140.00

The Desert Fox SAE to Cigarette power point is a 12V motorcycle power point socket that powers any accessory that has a standard cigarette lighter plug.

R 270.00

The Desert Fox SAE to Dual USB fits directly on the Battery to SAE connector (sold separately)  to create a waterproof USB connection that can easily be stored in your tank bag.

R 220.00

Desert Fox SAE to Jump Start clips fit directly to the Desert Fox Battery to SAE connector to easily jump start from a bike or car in an emergency

R 220.00

Cigarette-Style To SAE Tank bag Power Adapter allows a connection from a male cigarette-style socket to SAE tank bag.

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