Tired of lugging your helmet and gear around when not on your bike? Introducing the innovative HELMET LOCK

The Desert Fox Motorcycle Helmet lock is a solid, steel construction carabiner-style lock (with 1000 variable code combinations) designed to lock helmets & jackets to a bike.

Small, portable and robust it requires no fitting and is suitable for securing your valuable gear.

Designed for South African conditions with additional safety measures over other Helmet Lock options.

NOW, you can safely leave your helmet and jacket on your bike.

Suitable for Desert Fox, Arai, Airoh, BMW, Shoei, Schuberth, Uvex and all major brands of helmets.

Motorcycle helmet lock parts
Helmet lock dimensions

Small and compact to fit in your pocket, belt loop or tankbag, it has been designed to lock your helmet to any make of bike using the handlebars or frame as a secure anchor point.

Unlike a typical carabiner where the latch opens inward and restricts the size of the opening, the HelmetLok latch opens OUTWARD. This allows it to fit around handlebars, frame tubes, or other parts of your bike.

Helmet lok secured with helmets D rings
Jacket secured with helmet lock

Designed for South African conditions HELMET LOCK eliminates the need to mount a permanent helmet lock or keep track of another key.

If there’s a place to hook the carabiner or cable there’s always a place to lock your helmet or jacket.

Additional security measures found in the Desert Fox Helmet Lock:

  •  A  self select digit combination lock with 1000 code options, allowing you to change your  personal security code regularly to increase protection.
  •  Enclosed, steel non tamper tumblers.
  •  An industry leading 5 mm thick coated coiled cable.
  •  A protective rubberized sleeve will not scratch your bike or helmet
comparison of different types of helmet locks
construction of different helmet locks

A unique zinc-alloy & metal housing composition provides a durable, strong, non-rusting and non-scratching surface. A TPE rubberized coating prevents scratching.

An industry leading 5 mm coiled & coated cable is included for absolute peace of mind.

This kit comprises the Helmet lock,  coiled cable and a T Bar extension specially designed for helmets with a “quick release” buckle.

Simply  slip the extension into the “quick release” buckle, attach it to your bike and lock it!

Use the simple-to-operate HELMET LOCK to secure your helmet to any part of your bike and enjoy peace of mind.

Also suitable for other types of gear such as suitcases, braais and laptop bags

Helmet lock applications


HELMETLOK Motorcycle Helmet Lock

R 380.00

A Motorcycle Helmet & jacket lock which is small, portable & robust. Also suitable for securing other types of gear.

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