Flexible fuel storage cell for motorcycles

The nature of motorcycle riding often allows one to travel to remote regions, one of the reasons for making this sport so attractive. Traveling to far flung places often comes with its caveats however, one of them being a lack of fuel.  Another is the lack of space to carry fuel in a conventional “jerry “ type can. Jerry cans take up valuable space and when empty become a liability.

Thankfully there is an alternative. Now you can easily extend your traveling range without having to fit an expensive long range touring tank.

Designed for the military this 5L fuel cell is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel.

Motorcycle flexible fuel storage
Desert Fox Flexible Fuel Cell and nozzle

Strong enough to handle the worst conditions and flexible enough to be folded away, it presents an economic and lightweight (0.4 kg when empty) alternative to expensive additional hard tanks or cumbersome jerry cans.

Strong, light weight and easy to store. Simply fold or roll when emptied enabling storage in small confined areas, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.

Easily filled from any petrol pump, each cell has its own spout which fits into its own on-board dust free pouch, further saving space.

Various mounting options have been designed into the unit including 6 strong steel D Rings (suitable for Rokstraps) as well as integrated straps for securing on top of your panniers or rear luggage rack.

Desert Fox Fuel Cell Pannier Mounted
Compact motorcycle fuel storage

Feul Cell can be rolled or folded for extra versatility when storing.