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Suzuki DL650 V-Strom

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R 2,350.00

Store tools on your bike with this lockable toolbox. Easy to fit.

R 2,790.00

Desert Fox's premium offering, designed for ultra high visibility and safety. Seven beam options in one light. Easy to fit.

R 15,200.00

Easy to mount soft panniers . A quick mount and detach system makes for effortless use.


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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 220.00

The black tankpad with grey bull logo can protect your tank from scratches and damage.

R 4,080.00

SW-MOTECH Adventure Crashbars for Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom (04 - 10) protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powder coating.

R 4,210.00

SW-Motech Aluminium Skidplate offers protection for the engine and underside of your motorcycle against flying stones and other objects.

R 4,450.00

A motorcycle center-stand accessory aids bike maintenance and puncture repair. German engineering for South African conditions.

R 1,000.00

SW-MOTECH duel sport chain guard:  polished aluminum, heavy-duty, corrosion resistant protection for your bike.

R 370.00

SW-Motech Brake Cylinder Guard prevents contact between boot and foot brake cylinder and provides additional protection.

R 1,930.00

Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs by SW-Motech offer riders better stability both on and off- road.

R 1,100.00

Spread the load of your adventure bike over a larger surface with this aluminum alloy CNC machined side stand foot print enlarger.

R 560.00

Protect your exhaust headers with the SW-MOTECH Stainless Steel Header Pipe Guard.

R 960.00

An easy to fit motorcycle windscreen deflector that reduces wind noise, turbulence and buffeting. No cutting or drilling of screen required. Easy to move from bike to bike.

R 2,580.00

SW-Motech Vario Barback offers personalized positioning of a 22mm handlebar.

R 1,450.00

Handlebar Riser 22mm Up and Back by SW-Motech raises 30 mm and relocates the bar 22 mm back.

R 1,140.00

Peace of mind in the event of dropping the bike with this folding and adjustable in length motorcycle mirror. Price is for a pair.

R 820.00

An economical folding mirror (supplied with 8 mm and 10 mm pinch bolts ) ideal dual-sport bikes. Sold as a pair. 

R 890.00

SW-MOTECH Mirror Wideners screw into the original mirror mount on your motorcycle handlebars. Per Pair

R 2,300.00

Barkbuster Hand Guards are tailor made, model specific for maximum protection and optimal fit. Protects both hands and levers in the event of a fall. Price is for a pair.    

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