The TRAX ADVENTURE ALUMINIUM PANNIERS and TOP BOXES by SW-MOTECH represent the latest advancement in motorcycle luggage technology.

These Aluminum Side and top cases are engineered in Germany with an emphasis on security, strength and ease of use.

Designed  for the adventure motorcyclist who is looking for a rugged and great looking, long-distance enduro touring pannier set.

By employing unique pannier construction technologies such as cold metal transfer (CMT), robot welding and fully automated punch riveting, you can be assured that the SW Motech Trax Adventure pannier system will be a reliable companion on any terrain, be it a city cruise, rugged off road trail or a cross continent tour.

Trax Adventure Top Box Mounting Plate
Trax Adventure Alu Panniers Back

Attention to detail does not end there however. The pannier lid has been designed like a sandwich. Fiber reinforced corners (with integrated tie points and carry handles) make up the first layer, followed by a sturdy , deep drawn aluminum lid that rests on the frame construction. In this way the maximum rigidity possibly is achieved for this component . It also allows for optimal space usage (within the lid) as more accessories (see below) can be accommodated.

Watch the video on the unique SW Motech construction methods

The main body section of the pannier is also deep drawn and stamped for additional strength while the unit is completely robotic welded ensuring it is water and dust proof. Unique pierce rivets further ensure a tight seal.

This 3 D seamless construction increases the strength considerably over conventional pannier systems and distributes it across a larger surface area, in case of a fall.

SW-Motech are the only pannier manufacturers that employ these advanced production methods.

Benefits of seamless welding & pierce riveting in pannier construction

Left : A conventional pannier.

#1 represents normal rivets which are proud of the surface and can allow for the ingress of water.

#2 shows sectional pieces that are riveted together. This method not only reduces the strength of a pannier but will also allow water to enter your luggage.

Right : SW Motech Adventure panniers.

#1 with pierce rivets. Pierce rivets avoid perforation of the wall material and therefore ensure there are no weak spots for moisture ingress. This rivet technology is the same used to construct the frame of an Audi TT.

#2 : Robotic seamless welding ensures that the side carcass of the pannier is one continuous piece for additional strength and water resistance.

Trax Adventure Alu Panniers against other brands

Features of the SW Motech Trax pannier & top box range of luggage cases:

Trax Adventure Side Pannier Framing

number 1Finished in scratch resistant anodized silver or powder coated black which protects the contents from aluminum residue rub off.

number 2Attaches to the quicklock pannier rack at 5 points which ensures an exceptionally secure mounting.

number 3All pannier mounting hardware is stainless steel.

number 4Remove and mount in less than a minute.

number 5High-quality workmanship with strong sectional aluminium components.

number 6Top box is available in a 38L capacity which accommodates a full face helmet (including Enduro type peaked helmets) with ease

number 7Excellent strength to weight ratio.

number 8Unique pierce rivets (not pop rivets) are employed using the same super-strong rivet technology that holds the frame of an Audi TT together.

SW-Motech Adventure Top Box Dimensions
SW-Motech Trax Adventure Side Case lock

number 9Unlike other brands of panniers, SW Motech pierce rivet technology ensures that the inside of the case has no mounting hardware protruding within the pannier. Trax panniers are the only panniers which ensure 100% utilization of the panniers inner packing space.

number 10Fully robotic welded for maximum protection against the elements.

number 11Ultra strong fiber reinforced corner sections for enhanced strength and safety.

number 12Corners include: 2 Integrated over-sized grab handles and 4 tie-down points, (compatible with Rokstraps), ideal to strap on additional luggage such as tents and sleeping bags.

number 13Matching Stainless steel tamper resistant locksets.

number 141.5mm thick deep drawn aluminium plate all round.

number 15Chamfered case edges allow maximum cornering clearance.

number 16Completely removable lid with quick-release latches, top loading. No spilling of contents when opening pannier.

45L SW-Motech pannier dimensions
Motorcycle Pannier 37L Dimension

Watch the video on the EVO quicklock pannier frame system

(Please note the racks in the video above are depicted with the previous generation of Trax Evo panniers). Trax Adventure panniers are also compatible with the quicklock system.

Watch the video on the PRO quicklock pannier frame system

Trax Adventure range of accessories:

Trax Adventure Inner Lid Bag Accessory

Trax Gear Inner Lid Bag

The SW-MOTECH TraX GEAR+ Inner Lid Bag can be easily attached via fixing points within the lid of every ADVENTURE series side-case, allowing for quick access to important documents, maps or rain suits etc. Manufactured from tough ,tear-resistant and UV proof 600D polyester fabric. Each bag includes a carrying handle that allows off-bike use. For smaller item storage there is an additional zipped compartment as well as a net compartment which make this an ideal multi-functional accessory for touring.

Tax Gear Inner Lid Cargo Net

The SW-MOTECH TraX Gear+ Lid Net for the ADVENTURE Sidecase and top boxes is ideal for quick access to lightweight items such as maps, bike documents, shoes and raincoats. The flexible and stretchy net mounts easily to anchor points within the recessed top of the pannier luggage lid. Available for both side panniers and top boxes.

Sw-Motech Trax Adventure Pannier Lid Net
SW-Motech Trax Pannier Inner Bag

Trax Gear Pannier Inner Bags

Keep your luggage organized with a TraX Alu pannier inner bag. Each inner bag features:

  • Integrated foam (within the liners) to protect its contents in rough terrain
  • Inner bags are custom sized for both side panniers and top box ensuring an optimal fit
  • All inner bags include a carry handle for off road use
  • Constructed from 600-Denier Nylon



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