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Tyres Dual Purpose

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R 1,520.00R 2,860.00

It’s knobby, and it’s ready to go wherever you want, whenever you want.  Made for SA conditions

R 1,520.00R 2,800.00

A dependable on and off road high mileage super tough touring tyre ideal for SA conditions.


Anlas Capra R 110/80-19″

R 1,200.00

Anlas Capra R featuring fully reinforced radial construction with polyester carcass optimized for high performance.

R 1,380.00

The Capra RD by ANLAS is a new generation Dual Sport Tyre featuring Zero Degree Steel Belt technology..

R 1,380.00R 1,840.00

Capra X Dual Purpose Motorcycle Tyre is a 80% off-road and 20% on-road tyre that inspires confidence regardless of terrain.

R 2,200.00

The K28 is our new developed sidecar motorcycle tyre

R 1,960.00

The K37 combines a classic off-road look, modern tyre technology and rubber compounds.

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