The Sena SMH-5 Motorcycle Intercom shares many of the award-winning features customers love about the SMH10 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom but at a very accessible price point.

And now it includes a built in FM radio tuner for listening to your favourite radio stations.

With station-to-station scanning and 10 station memory, Sena has added a very cost-effective and attractive feature and, like its other options, it can be used or not, thanks to a dedicated radio control button.

Enjoyment is further enhanced with the inclusion of a RDS (Radio Data System Alternate Frequencies) feature which allows the integrated receiver to find and re-tune to different frequencies used by the current active station in order to maintain an optimal signal and thus optimal audio.

Bluetooth communication with one button

A radio not only provides an additional form of entertainment but is also an expedient and cost-effective means to keep track of local weather conditions and traffic in FM coverage areas.

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The easy-to-access and intuitive unique jog dial button operation (from the Sena SMH 10) ensures that it remains the worlds most user friendly and simple interface configuration currently available in motorcycle intercom systems.

The SMH5 FM has a slightly smaller form factor than the Sena SMH-10 yet remains comparable in features to the original SMH-10.

Adding further to the outstanding simplicity of operation is a voice prompt feature which provides information on battery level, volume level, on/off status etc.

Thanks to the latest Bluetooth v 3.0 and its advanced digital processing technology, riders will find the Sena SMH5 offers exceptional audio quality for both incoming and outgoing sound: the best in its class.

Regardless of whether you are talking to your passenger, listening to music or speaking on your cell phone, the integrated audio booster provides crystal clear and natural sound quality.

Sena Bluetooth communication system for motorcycles

Features of the Sena SMH5-FM:

number 1The simplest user interface of any unit currently on the market. Only one button/jog dial.

number 2Built-in FM radio tuner with RDS, station scan and save function

number 3Can be paired with up to 3 other units (4 units in total)

number 4Voice Prompts simplify matters even further e.g. voice prompts provide battery level status, on/off status, volume status etc.

number 5Wireless full duplex (simultaneous talking/listening) rider to pillion intercom communication.

number 6Wireless multiple bike to bike communication up to 700 meters. Should the unit go out of range it automatically reconnects (some manufactures offerings require the unit to be switched on and off if it goes out of range to re-establish a connection).

number 7Bluetooth stereo music output (many units at this price point only provide mono music streaming).Music streaming also allows for 2 riders to share one music source.

number 8Bluetooth music playback control via AVRCP: play, pause, track forward and track back is simple with the unique jog dial. Most cell phones, music players and GPS units have AVRCP as standard.

Sena Bluetooth communication with Jog Dial

number 9Integrated audio booster provides crystal clear and natural sound quality

number 10Bluetooth mobile phones: wirelessly make and receive phone calls via your cell phone (music/GPS instructions automatically pause and re-start after receiving a phone call).

Wireless Bluetooth connection to your GPS to receive direction instructions (music automatically pauses and re-starts after receiving a GPS instruction)

Water resistant for use in inclement weather

Up to 7 hours talk time, 6 days stand-by time

Can be charged while in use

Individual volume control for each audio source e.g. you can set your GPS volume levels independently of your music or cell phone volume level.

Download the latest Firmware for your Sena SMH 5

The Sena SMH 5 is fully up-gradable, check for updates regularly .


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