Stainless steel , height adjustable wide foot pegs

Your foot pegs represent two of the four main points of contact you have with your machine. The very nature of dual sport riding requires a sure-footed and positive foot support, something strangely that most manufacturers still overlook in their standard foot peg offering.

Thankfully there is an alternative to this dilemma which has recently been introduced by SW-Motech.

Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs

Manufactured in Germany from aerospace grade stainless steel, these footpegs offer a marked improvement for the adventure rider who seeks more flexibility and comfort.

Attention to detail has not been spared, even the foot peg mount is CNC machined (to fit each individual model perfectly) , then heat treated.

Benefits of Wider Footpegs:

number 1Wide foot platform offers riders better stability both on and off- road

number 2Stronger than stock footpeg

number 3Enhanced bike feel and control

number 4Easier gear shifts and rear brake access

number 5Superior foothold with cleats that will not cut the soles of your boots

number 6Ergonomically adjustable with a high and low setting for a custom fit

number 7Height can be lowered 15mm from stock position to reduce center of gravity

number 8Convertible design caters for both street and off-road riding

number 9Precision built, high performance product

number 10Supplied with removable rubber insert, provides better traction and less vibration

number 11Attaches to original footrest mount -simple to install.

Full TÜV Rheinland safety certification.

Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany TÜV is a leading international independent test body which tests and certifies products for the benefit of customers and society. A TÜV certified product ensures that it meets or exceeds various criteria including safety,environmental,tolerances etc and to the best of our knowledge this is the only footpeg product on the market that has TÜV certification.

Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs mount

Attachment to original Footrest mount

Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs Rubber

Removable rubber pad adds grip and comfort for Street Riding.

Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs No Rubber

Large Teeth provide maximum grip in extreme situations.

View the full range of SW-Motech Adjustable Wide foot Pegs

Full TÜV Rheinland safety certification for additional peace of mind. 

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