The Capra X & R range of Dual purpose motorcycle tyres has been optimized for South African conditions from one of Europe’s top OEM specialist manufacturers, Anlas.

After almost 2 years in development and testing (including SA) the new Capra X and Capra R range of dual purpose tyres has arrived in South Africa.

A rugged off road biased tyre that is equally adept on road, inspiring confidence regardless of terrain.

Motorcycle Dual Sport Event

Features of the Capra X Enduro tyre:

Dual Sport Motorcycle Rear Tyre

number 1High-rigidity Kevlar reinforced casing, incorporating a unique 10 mm circumference tie bar, ensures excellent stability and rider feedback

number 2Designed for tough South African conditions

number 3Wide 5:4 chamfer block dual sport tread pattern delivers optimal performance across a broad range of surfaces

number 4Excellent grip and traction, off and on road, including wet tar.

number 5High cornering stability, enhanced high speed tracking with low noise and smooth rolling characteristics

number 6Good self-cleaning properties for mud and clay conditions

number 7Speed ratings from 160-190 km/h

number 8Certified to both ECE and DOT international safety specifications.

Anlas 80/20 tread motorcycle tyr

Available in the following sizes:

Capra X 140/80-17″ (170 km/h) 69 R (GS 650 , KLR 650, XT 660Z etc)
Capra X 150/70-17″ (160 km/h) 69 Q (GS 700 /800 , Tiger 800 , GS 1200 Air-cooled , Super Tenere 1200 etc)
Capra X 150/70-18″ (190 km/h) 70 T (KTM 950/990 )
Capra X 170/60-17″ (190 km/h) 72 T (GS 1200 Liquid cooled)

Capra X 90/90-21″ (190 km/h) 54 T
Capra X 110/80-19″ (160 km/h) 59 Q
Capra X 120/70-19″ (190 km/h) 60 T

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Features of the Capra R:

A street orientated steel belt tyre for big bore dual purpose bikes with positive feedback. Also suitable for light off road use.

CapraR Dual Sport Tyre

number 1Performance that lasts kilometer after kilometer with a specially formulated silica tread compound

number 2Innovative 0° reinforced Radial Steel belt construction for high speed stability and comfort

number 3Superior grip both on dry and wet surfaces

number 4Excellent cornering performance, stability at high lateral loads, coupled with reduced rolling resistance, ensures rock solid performance at high speeds.

number 5High straight line stability under emergency braking capacity conditions

number 6Speed rating 240 km/h

number 7Certified to both ECE and DOT international safety specifications.

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Available in the following sizes:
Front: Capra X 110/80-19″ (59V) (240 km/h) 59V
Rear: Capra X 150/70-17″ (69V) (240 km/h) 69V

How to choose the correct tyre for your bike

The nature of dual sport Adventure motorcycles requires consideration as to the type of tyre that best suits your riding preferences. Understanding the construction of bike tyres is a good starting point.

R 1,200.00R 1,400.00

Anlas Capra R featuring fully reinforced radial construction with polyester carcass optimized for high performance.


Anlas Capra RD Dual Sport Tyre

R 1,380.00R 1,600.00

The Capra RD by ANLAS is a new generation Dual Sport Tyre featuring Zero Degree Steel Belt technology..

R 960.00R 1,840.00

Capra X Dual Purpose Motorcycle Tyre is a 80% off-road and 20% on-road tyre that inspires confidence regardless of terrain.

Tyre Changing Tools

R 250.00R 350.00

A compact model specific motorcycle wheel removal kit that fits under the seat. Manufactured to Din and ANSI standards,enabling safe & easy wheel removal.

R 1,840.00

A model specific motorcycle tyre tool kit designed to that dramatically eases the removal and fitment of rims and tyres.

R 45.00

A 90 Degree Bend Valve Extension for hard to reach motorcycle valves. Simplifies tyre inflation and reduces valve tears.

R 120.00

The Desert Fox  Brass Motorcycle Tyre  Pressure Gauge is pocket-sized and robust, providing an accurate measurement of your tyre pressure from 0-3.5 Bar.


Motorcycle Tyre Valve Stem Puller

R 100.00

Tire Valve Stem Puller easily pulls the valve stem into place without fingers getting in the way of the valve stem hole and pull through process

R 280.00

An exceptionally strong motorcycle Tyre lever set with anti-Slip rubber grip for tough tyres.  


Desert Fox Tyre Ease Tyre Tool

From: R 950.00

An innovative tyre changing tool dramatically simplifies tyre and puncture repair. No more pinched tubes. Compact to carry on your bike. Weighs only 800 grams. .