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TRIUMPH TIGER 1200 Explorer

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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 1,150.00

A 100% water & dust proof backpack designed for bikers.

R 980.00

A compact 100 % waterproof 12L tail bag & mini backpack with quality hardware.

R 540.00

A 100% water & dust proof versatile mini bag designed for Enduro & Adv riders.

R 260.00

A 100% water & dust proof multi use Dry Sac.

R 220.00

The black tankpad with grey bull logo can protect your tank from scratches and damage.

R 260.00

Pyramid Plastics front mudguard extension for Triumph Explorer 1200 XC / XCX / XRA / Low (12 - 15)

R 4,170.00

SW-MOTECH Crashbars/ Engine Guards for Triumph Explorer 1200 designed to deliver the utmost protection in the event of a crash or drop.

R 4,790.00

The SW-Motech Adventure Crashbars are designed to deliver the utmost protection in the event of a crash or drop

R 3,880.00

The Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer Engine Guard Triumph by SW-Motech provides efficient under-body protection against stone-chipping and collision.

R 560.00

Protect your exhaust headers with the SW-MOTECH Stainless Steel Header Pipe Guard.

R 1,130.00

SW-MOTECH Sidestand Foot Enlarger is made of high strength aluminum alloy and CNC milled. Larger contact surface prevents sinking in soft ground.

R 1,080.00

Spreads stability over a larger surface area when on sand or dirt.

R 1,930.00

SW-Motech Height Adjustable Wide Foot Pegs. Supplied with removable rubber. Textured surface on rubber pad provides superior traction and reduces vibration.

R 1,930.00

SW-MOTECH On-Road/Off-Road Footpegs allow you to replace your stock pegs with wider pegs at one of two heights.

R 1,090.00

Triumph Tiger Handlebar Risers by SW-Motech adds an additional 20mm of rise to the bar height without changing of control cables.

R 2,580.00

Vario Barback for 28 mm handlebars by SW-Motech offers the ultimate in personalized riding comfort, letting you control the position of the handlebar.

R 960.00

An easy to fit motorcycle windscreen deflector that reduces wind noise, turbulence and buffeting. No cutting or drilling of screen required. Easy to move from bike to bike.

R 1,520.00

Aluminium Short Clutch Brake Levers offer more comfort and greater adjustment for finer control over stock levers. Please check the description for more Triumph models these levers will fit.

R 190.00

Ease Throttle Control provides easy cruise control for most dual sport bikes.

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