By combining Sena’s Global Bluetooth leadership, innovative headset devices and camera technology into one powerful device, the Sena 10C is a truly complete solution.

The new Sena 10C is a unique wireless all in one camera and intercom system that records video and voice as well as being a bike to bike and passenger motorcycle communicator.

Combining  Sena’s Bluetooth expertise in innovative motorcycle intercom headsets and camera technology into one compact unit, the Sena 10C will revolutionize your riding experience, offering a truly complete solution that is simple to use, ensuring you focus on the road ahead and not the headset.

Sena 10C motorcycle communication and action camera

Technology is not just changing how, where and when we ride, but it’s also introducing new ways to enjoy our time off the bike and even bring motorcycling right into our living rooms. New ways to record and share both video and audio are expanding our options for entertainment and it is here that the Sena 10C sets a new benchmark in staying connected in the action.

With power saving Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the unibody design is water resistant and firmware upgradeable, ensuring you stay abreast with free lifetime upgrades. Operation is intuitive with voice prompts and voice commands guiding you along the way.

A Smartphone app for iPhone and Android also ensures you can easily change settings while on the move.

The built-in camera technology includes a HD 1080p:30fps video mode and a versatile single, burst and time lapse photo modes.

Motorcycle HD Cam on Helmet
HD camm and motorcycle communication

The 10 C’s unique all in one combination of a helmet bike intercom, microphone and HD camera allows you to record your voice to a video while also enjoying four-way intercom communication with fellow riders up to 1.6 kilometers away. This is made possible through Sena’s proprietary Group Intercom™ and Universal Intercom™ technology.

Even if your riding partners do not have a Sena intercom you can still connect to their brand of Bluetooth bike headset thanks to the Universal Intercom feature. Once connected Sena’s propriety Smart Audio Mix™ feature allows users to add their voice to their video while on the move. Along with their own voice, riders can also include audio from their companions through the Universal Intercom to create a mixed audio experience.

The 10C helmet cam and intercom also features Advanced Noise Control™, music sharing, built-in FM radio tuner and Sena’s renowned easy Jog dial operation.

There simply is no other all in one compact unit for communicating and shooting video when on your bike.

Motorcycle communication system helmet mount

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Features of the Sena 10C:

number 1Bluetooth 4.0
The Sena 10C features a unique architecture that utilizes the industry’s first Bluetooth 4.0 technology. With Bluetooth 4.0, users have the ability to utilize all of their features including multi-way intercom, mobile phone calls, music and GPS with ease. With the Bluetooth 4.0, the 10C is one of the most advanced Bluetooth communication devices in the market.

number 2Unibody Design incorporating a Headset and Camera
The Sena 10C features an exclusive and first of its kind unibody design incorporating the Bluetooth headset and camera into one unit. This design enables users to install the system with ease without losing any of the key functions or features.

The 10C unibody design also provides ease of use by removing the need to manage and control multiple units making it the first on the market to provide users with all they need in one easy to use headset.

Motorcycle communication HD action cam
Motorcycle communication with HD cam
Sena 10C Action Cam video tagging

number 3One touch Recording ease and Voice commands
With versatile video modes and multi-function photo modes, the Sena 10C covers all your needs with a single camera button. It also features voice commands ensuring you concentrate on the road ahead and not the camera.

number 4Video Tagging
With the Sena 10C users have the ability to use Video Tagging to record only a specific video portion. When this feature is enabled the 10C saves video files from 60 seconds elapsed, 60 seconds current and 60 seconds future from any event.

This feature eliminates the storage of unnecessary video content and frees up memory space . Video Tagging also helps to reduce the editing process once the video is downloaded from the memory card since only the most important clips were captured.

number 5Smart Audio Mix™ : Add Voice and Music to your Visual
With the use of Bluetooth headsets, the Sena 10C allows users to add their voice to their video while on the move. Along with their own voice, riders can also include audio from their companions through the use of the intercom to create a mixed audio experience.

Being able to narrate the video during recording not only provides users a whole new experience but also reduces the need for follow-up audio editing, allowing for in the moment audio experiences.

Bluetooth communication and action cam for motorcycles

number 6Four-way Intercom Conversation
One of the most technologically advanced features Sena Bluetooth offers its users is a bike-to-bike multi-way intercom system with HD quality voice allowing for conversation with up to four companions, 1.6 kilometers apart.

The C10 intercom is also “universal” allowing it to function with other brands of Bluetooth communication devices.

number 7Voice Prompts
Sena has integrated voice prompts into all of their units to allow riders to understand the device status instantly with voice feedback e.g battery life, camera on /off etc. Sena voice prompt options can be selected from multi-languages: English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Linking up your 10C with the Sena Headset app (for Android or iPhone) allows you to configure device settings and access a Quick Guide. The 10C also offers the ability to pair with up to two mobile phones for convenient hands-free calling.



Download the latest Firmware for your Sena 10C

The Sena 10C is fully up-gradable, check for updates regularly.




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