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Luggage Systems

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Motorcycle Luggage Systems including soft textile panniers, roll bags, rear bags, aluminum panniers, top boxes. tank bags, handlebar bags & pannier frames/racks.

R 500.00

Runner / mounting kit for mounting Trax panniers to Evo style pannier frames.

R 400.00

Runner / mounting kit for mounting Trax panniers to Pro style pannier frames.

R 720.00

With one simple twist-and-clamp motion, the adapter plate can be connected to any STREET-RACK.


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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 5,050.00

SW-Motech's latest generation of pannier frames attach to existing points on the KTM 790 / 890 & requires no drilling or cutting to install. Easy to remove when not required.

R 4,870.00

Upgraded for tough South African conditions & suitable for both hard and soft luggage.

R 6,350.00

The SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Pro Sidecarriers permit installation of hard saddlebags on the Africa Twin & Adventure sport (18 - 20)

R 360.00

SW-Motech Quick-Lock Tank Ring for Benelli / Cagiva (6 Screw) for fitting the SW-Motech range of Quick Lock tank bags

R 360.00

Quick-Lock Tankring for BMW 1150 / 1150 / 1150 GSA / 1200 GS 2004 - 2007 by SW-Motech makes mounting Quick-Lock Tankbags a breeze.

R 1,150.00

A 100% water & dust proof backpack designed for bikers.

R 540.00

A 100% water & dust proof versatile mini bag designed for Enduro & Adv riders.

R 260.00

A 100% water & dust proof multi use Dry Sac.

R 980.00

A compact 100 % waterproof 12L tail bag & mini backpack with quality hardware.

R 890.00

Add extra rear luggage capacity to your bike. Easy to fit.

R 1,290.00

Add extra rear luggage capacity to your bike. Easy to fit.

R 9,520.00

SW-Motech Top Box 38 L Trax Adventure Top Box designed for touring in your choice of black or silver. Includes support bracket, fitting material and locks.  

R 7,940.00

SW-MOTECH TraX ADVENTURE Topcase Kit is ideal for the adventure motorcyclist who enjoys long-distance enduro touring.  

R 7,940.00

Trax Adventure Motorcycle Top Box Kit is engineered with an emphasis on security, strength and ease of use ensuring they are ideal for the adventure.  

R 10,970.00

A complete top box kit for the Ducat Desert X. Nothing else required.  

R 7,940.00

 A complete top box kit for the Honda XL 750 Transalp. Nothing else required.


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