Globescout is a specialist European manufacturer that prepares bikes for the Dakar rally. And when they are not doing this they produce arguably some of the toughest Pannier and top box systems currently available. Each unit is handcrafted to ensure Globescout’s exacting standards are met.

All hardware e.g. locks, top box support, pannier frames and brackets are made from stainless steel while the units themselves are manufactured exclusively from aluminium magnesium alloy, the same material used in the hull structure of light weight ships. There is no plastic in any of the mounting hardware.

Globescout Alu Motorcycle Pannier Side
Globescout Stainless Steel Pannier Frame

The system has 3 levels of security . Over and above the standard keyed locks, provision is also made for an additional padlock, ideal for added security or if you lose your keys to the standard locks . Finally there is a pin you need to push up to unlatch the lid. For those that don’t like to lock their panniers while riding around town, this hidden pin is a good safety deterrent from potential opportunistic theft.

Pannier and top-box lids can be opened from either side (double hinged) or completely removed via a unique latch system. When it closes, it ‘latches’ securely in the closed position and compresses the seals together to keep water and dust out. The hook from the lid also keeps the lid attached to box itself when it’s open on the other side.

All parts are manufactured with solid craftsmanship and attention to detail. As an example all corner pieces are replaceable and do not affect the structural integrity of the unit. If you were to add up every part (rivets, nuts, bolts, washers, latch parts etc) this system consists of over 700 individual parts!

Arguably the strongest aluminium luggage system currently available on the market the Globescout range has been designed for cross continental adventure riders.


number 1Aluminum magnesium alloy Construction

number 2Available in natural aluminium or anodized black which is superior to powder coated

number 3Double Silicone Gasket Lid System

number 4Specially designed dual acting Compression Latch lock mechanism (patent pending).

Globescout Alu Pannier Box Back
Globescout Pannier Lid

number 5Detachable Mounting Bracket and Lid

number 6100% Steel Mounting Puck System (not plastic as in other manufacturers offerings)

number 7Solid tie town points

number 8Removable, replaceable polymide Corners

  • Panniers available in 35 L and 45 L capacities
  • For the BMW GS1200 a 35/45 L combo kit includes a cutout for the exhaust.
  • Top boxes available in two sizes:40 L (suitable for a peaked helmet) or 27 L (suitable for Laptops )
Globescout Alu Black Top Box
Globescout Alu Pannier Set BMW 1200GS LC

Please note that the BMW GS1200 Adventure models come standard with pannier frames from the factory.

The Globescout side panniers fit directly to these frames. There is no need to purchase pannier frames.

For the non adventure GS 1200 a full pannier kit is required (i.e pannier frames are also required)

For all GS 1200 models the panniers make provision for the exhaust i.e. the pannier has a cut-out contour to accommodate the exhaust.

Globescout Pannier selection guide:

Globescout Pannier Dimensions

Please note all Globescout panniers will also fit Touratech and Hepco Becker pannier frames.

Globescout Pannier Kits:

R 9,980.00

Globescout Pannier Kit Includes everything you need to mount arguably the strongest aluminium luggage system currently available.  

R 17,700.00R 19,300.00

Globescout Pannier Kit supplied with frames and mounting material. ¬†This is one of the best pannier systems money can buy.  

R 12,450.00R 14,200.00

Pannier Side Case Set by Globescout represents arguably the strongest pannier set you can buy and comes with everything needed to mount them to your bike.

R 12,450.00R 14,200.00

Globescout Side Case Kit Includes everything you need to mount; arguably the strongest aluminium luggage system currently available.

R 13,800.00R 14,900.00

Globescout Side Case Set consists of the framing, all mounting material and 35 L and 45 L Pannier Case combo, made for the trail rider.

R 17,700.00R 19,300.00

Side Pannier Kit by Globescout consists of the framing, all mounting material and the 35 L and 45 L Pannier Case combo, made for the trail rider.  

Globescout Top Box Kits:

R 5,500.00

27 L Commuter Top Box Kit by Globescout offers a great commuting and farm work top box solution..  

Globescout Optional Accessories:

R 480.00

Globescout Inner Bag for 27 L Top box is made of incredibly durable 1000 D Nylon.


Globescout Luggage Net 40L Top Box

R 250.00

Luggage Net 40 L Top Box from Globescout keeps your luggage organised.


Globescout Pannier Lid Luggage Net

R 250.00

Keep items organised and safe with the Globescout Pannier Lid Luggage Net.

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