THE RC4 HANDLEBAR REMOTE CONTROL is designed for Sena Bluetooth Motorcycle intercoms & is compatible with all Sena units with Bluetooth V4.1 & higher.



This Sena RC4 handlebar remote allows users to operate their Sena Bluetooth headset directly from the handlebar, reducing any potential risk of having to remove ones hands.

In essence, peace of mind in an intuitive package, allowing you to focus on the road ahead and not your headset.


The RC4 clips onto your bars so you can have immediate access to Sena menu functions without needing to reach up to your helmet.

motorcycle intercom remote control
Sena RC4 handlebar remote



The four button array can easily handle tasks like engaging intercom, answering calls or changing a song. The RC4 strikes a balance between ease of use with a gloved hand while being unobtrusive enough not to interfere with the other controls on your bike.

Th RC4 remote uses minimal power from its built in CR2016 Lithium coin battery, which is easy to replace.


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Sena handlebar remote fitted to a bike

Features of the Sena Handlebar Remote

number 1Easy installation by handlebar clamping

number 2Glove-friendly buttons

number 3A few months of battery life

number 4Replaceable battery

Compatible with the following Sena Bluetooth products:


SMH5, SMH5FM, 10R, 10U ,10S, 20S, 30K, 50S, 50R, 10C, 50C & Schuberth SC1.


Sena remote control features


R 1,880.00

The Sena Handlebar Remote is a wireless device that clips on your left bike handgrip allowing a rider to control a Sena motorcycle headset or action cam. Suitable for the Sena SMH5, SMH5FM, 10R, 10S, 20S, 30K, 50S, 50R, 10C, 50C. FREE DELIVERY.

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