Shorter brake and clutch levers offer considerable advantages over the longer levers fitted as standard by manufacturers.


Benefits include:

number 1Greater control over braking  and clutch control, both on and off road.

Aids in reduced breaking time.

Assists in Trial braking ( simultaneously using the throttle and front brake )

number 2A shorter front brake lever allows the rider to cover the front brake with two fingers while curling the other two around the throttle, thereby maintaining positive control , a quicker response time and less fumbling in stop-and-go traffic.

Not only does this add confidence but also improves overall handling ability, especially when standing.

number 3In the event of an emergency a shorter front brake lever greatly reduces the reflex response to grab a “handful of brakes” which could result in the front wheel locking up and either the wheel sliding from under the rider or the rider going over the handlebars.

Two finger brake and clutch levers side
Two finger brake and clutch levers top

number 4Riders don’t crush their 4th and 5th fingers when operating the clutch lever.

number 5Enhanced feathering/control of the clutch in technical riding conditions.

number 6Reduced instances of clutch and front brake levers being broken in the event of the bike falling over or being dropped.


  • CNC machined from 6061T6 billet aluminium
  • 6 stage adjustable reach (forward /backward rake) allowing for a customized setting as rider’s finger and hand lengths differ. This 6 stage adjustable feature can be done even while riding.
  • Adjustable in length from 40 mm to 60 mm allowing for example a longer clutch lever length , if required. This is a unique feature as it does not force a rider into a fixed length lever as the size of hands differ.
  • Rounded ball end for comfort and safety (not a sharp hooked end).
  • Easy to install with no modification necessary.

Two-Finger Lever Range

View the full range of adjustable Short Levers

The only levers that are adjustable in length & rake.

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