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Touring Accessories

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12V Off road Air Compressor

R 720.00

A compact and VERY powerful 12 V Air Compressor, tailor made for tough off-road conditions. Fully serviceable with numerous power connectors included.

R 1,960.00

An ultralight camping bed designed for rugged use, setting new standards for comfort


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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 1,380.00

The Capra RD by ANLAS is a new generation Dual Sport Tyre featuring Zero Degree Steel Belt technology..

R 120.00

Secure items on your bikes soft luggage, tail rack, side panniers or top boxes. Unique features sets it apart from standard cargo nets.

R 320.00R 495.00

A compact model specific motorcycle wheel removal kit that fits under the seat. Manufactured to Din and ANSI standards,enabling safe & easy wheel removal.

R 380.00

An ultra compact mini motorcycle toolkit that fits into the palm of your hand, handlebar bag or under the seat. Contains sockets,bits,an extension bar & solid driver bar for most bike roadside repairs.

R 1,495.00

A compact model specific Enduro motorcycle tool kit slightly thicker than 2 ball point pens with all tools required to change tyres,tighten loose items & undertake repairs to your bike.

R 2,400.00

A brand specific motorcycle tyre tool kit that dramatically eases the removal and fitment of tyres & tubes, on & off road. Packs small.

R 2,595.00

A comprehensive brand specific motorcycle toolkit for the serious on & off road rider, manufactured to Din & ANSI standards . Lifetime guarantee.

R 200.00

A high quality lifetime guarantee tool for servicing your BMW  

R 385.00

Coil-Over Spark Plug Cap Removal Tool simplifies removal of the spark plug coil on R, F, G and K Series coil-over bikes.


Anlas Capra R 110/80-19″

R 1,200.00

Anlas Capra R featuring fully reinforced radial construction with polyester carcass optimized for high performance.

R 200.00

Oil filter removal must have for servicing your bike at home.


Desert Fox Spark Plug Socket 14mm

R 140.00

Spark Plug Socket 14 mm high quality tool.


Desert Fox 16mm Spark Plug Socket

R 140.00

Spark Plug Socket 16 mm made to last..

R 1,840.00

Capra X Dual Purpose Motorcycle Tyre is a 80% off-road and 20% on-road tyre that inspires confidence regardless of terrain.

R 440.00

Heidenau Heavy Duty Front Tube: rugged, quality inner tubes for any emergency.

R 410.00

Heidenau Heavy Duty Rear Tube:  rugged, quality inner tubes for any emergency.

R 430.00

Heidenau Heavy Duty Front Tube: rugged, quality inner tubes for any emergency.

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