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Soft Rear Seat / Tail Luggage

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R 100.00R 1,500.00

R 120.00

Secure items on your bikes soft luggage, tail rack, side panniers or top boxes. Unique features sets it apart from standard cargo nets.

R 1,150.00

A 100% water & dust proof backpack designed for bikers.

R 260.00

A 100% water & dust proof multi use Dry Sac.

R 540.00

A 100% water & dust proof versatile mini bag designed for Enduro & Adv riders.

R 980.00

A compact 100 % waterproof 12L tail bag & mini backpack with quality hardware.

R 920.00

A 100% water & dust proof Dry Bag designed for enduro & trial riders. Perfect for the tail section of your bike.

R 1,290.00

A high strength, 100% water and dust proof motorcycle & adventure bag designed for abuse.


Desert Fox Karoo Tail Bag

R 2,260.00

An ultra light Ballistics nylon tail bag that will not  place strain on your luggage rack. Ideal for weekend & daily rides.  

R 3,200.00

One bag. Many uses. A rugged off-road motorcycle rear bag, back pack & aircraft cabin luggage compliant bag all in one.

R 1,290.00

Add extra rear luggage capacity to your bike. Easy to fit.

R 890.00

Add extra rear luggage capacity to your bike. Easy to fit.

R 2,185.00

The SW-MOTECH passenger seat rack for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L directly replaces the factory pillion seat with a CNC machined aluminum plate offering a strong foundation for mounting luggage.

R 390.00

The SW-MOTECH Motorbike Luggage Cable Lock is ideal for securing the contents of any tankbag or rear bag.

R 350.00

Lock your soft luggage & valuables to your bike. Designed for motorcycles. Fits where other locks cant.

R 510.00

Folded together the Flexpack needs no more space than a human fist and can easily be stored in any tank bag.

R 1,620.00

Lightweight, breathable and waterproof, the Triton 20L Motorcycle Backpack is the perfect solution for bad weather commuting or weekend adventure riding.


SW-Motech Hip-Pack Drybag 20

R 760.00

Lightweight, robust, multi functional, breathable and of course waterproof.

R 1,520.00

The Drybag 80 (8 L) is a multipurpose motorcycle dry-bag that can be used as a tankbag, dry-bag or even an over the shoulder backpack, all straps are included with the bag.

R 2,030.00

A waterproof and dust proof roll bag with adventure motorcycling in mind. Made from super tough waterproof welded tarpaulin which will keep anything in this bag clean and dry.

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