An ultralight camping bed stretcher and  lounger offering superior comfort & strength.

Are you tired of having to carry heavy & uncomfortable stretchers when you go camping?

Are you tired of having to fight to assemble and break down such stretchers?

Are you tired of inflatable mattresses that deflate in the middle of the night or get punctured?

Desert Fox were.

Over a period of 2 years they developed the EZ Sleep camping bed with the sole focus on gear that simply works.

Simple, robust and comfortable.

The way it should be.

Design Criteria

  • It must be lightweight & pack compact.
  • Quick & easy to set up and breakdown, with no tools.
  • Ability to convert from a bed to a lounger.
  • Comfortable including elements such as lack of sagging and no noise when turning in your sleep.
  • Does not need an extra inflatable mattress.
  • Stable on uneven terrain.
  • Carry a heavy weight (up to 200 kg).
  • Raised off the ground for insulation and for packing belongings underneath it.
  • Absolute minimal joins in the in the aluminium frame with no plastic bracing members.
  • The frame must distribute a users weight over a broad area to reduce pressure points on the floor of the tent.
  • Completely rust  & water proof.


After a long hard day your body must be able to thank you.

camp bed lounger with back rest
outdoor sleeper

How the design criteria were met

Light weight yet exceptionally robust:

  • A firm 5 leg support surface that prevents sagging – tested with a 200 kg load ( 4 x 50 kg sacks of cement for 72 hours)
  • Minimal  joins in the frame structure for reliability.
  • Specially tempered aircraft grade aluminium which is self supporting (no plastic braces required) for additional durability.
  • Class leading anodized 16 mm tubing with stainless steel hardware (other designs have 8 mm tubing and plastic supports).
  • Weighs slightly over 3 kg

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Stress testing the Desert Fox 16 mm aluminium bed frame components.

Built for comfort:

  • Converts from a bed/stretcher to a lounger.
  • Noise free when turning in sleep.
  • All the parts attach firmly in place with minimal sagging.
  • No uncomfortable metal bars interfering with sleep.
  • PVC coating underneath for insulation from rising damp.
  • Storage space underneath- increases the space in one man tents.
  • Two side storage pockets for keys, spectacles, GPS’s and phones.
  • Built in pillow holder (clothing can form the pillow)
  • Extra leg mounting point for customization to body shape.

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Surface noise comparison Desert Fox EZ Sleep vs other brands


camping stretcher length & height

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compact camping stool
ultra light weight camp table dimensions

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A mini, ultra light and very comfortable camping seat. Compact and highly portable. No more sitting on rocks or logs!

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An ultralight camping bed designed for rugged use, setting new standards for comfort


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