Barkbusters Blizzard Universal-Fit Cold Weather Handguards

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The Barkbusters Blizzard is a semi-rigid handguard that blocks wind, rain and snow to keep your hands warm and dry.


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Barkbusters Blizzard Handguard Protection

The Barkbuster Blizzard hand-guard set has been designed for when the weather turns nasty. Considering that most of your body heat is lost through your extremities (head, fingers and toes) it is important to ensure adequate protection.

Barkbuster Blizzard hand guards are manufactured from a semi rigid material covered on the outside with tough waterproof polyester. The inside is further lined with black nylon including an integrated internal aluminum stiffener ensuring the hand-guards maintain their shape and position.

Handguard features:

  • Stylish fabric hand-guard design: lined with a waterproof membrane.
  • Can be fitted to almost any handlebar set up.
  • Flexes around fairing/wind-screen at full steering lock.
  • Ideal for faired Sports and Touring motorcycles.
  • Anti-flap design is self-supporting under wind pressure.
  • Leaves controls free of interference.
  • Maximum cold weather protection.
  • Can be fitted independently or over Barkbusters and other backbones.

Includes hardware to enable mounting to most brands of aluminium backbones (including Barkbuster backbones) or directly to your bike without alu backbones.

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Instruction Manual