Desert Fox 12V Battery to SAE Master Power Point

From: R 170.00

This harness easily connects to your bike’s battery for quick connection to various other power points, straight to your tank bag or wherever you need it.



Cigarette Lighter Socket – optional

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Jump Start Cables – optional

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In stock

SAE 12V Weatherproof Motorcycle Accessory Power Point Socket

This versatile(IP66 waterproof rated) 12V power point connects directly to your bikes battery and includes an integrated fuse protection for sensitive  electronic components such as a GPS or cell phone.  Ample cable length is provided to mount the power point on your bike , wherever it suits you.

Cable length: 120 cm

Once connected it allows for the quick connection of :

  1. A cigarette lighter connector to charge your battery or power items within your tank bag or on your handlebars, while riding (sold separately here).
  2. A jumper cable to jump start your bike from another vehicle without having to remove the bikes panels or seat (sold separately here).
  3. A Dual USB Charger that can be connected through your tank bag for on the go charging of devices (sold separately here ).

To make the most of the master power point base, remember to select any of the optional extras above. This will ensure you are covered for any eventuality in the most compact manner currently available for motorcycles.

Please visit our Power points page for a detailed review of the various options that can be connected to this versatile motorcycle power point accessory.