Desert Fox Tyre Ease Tyre Tool

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An innovative tyre changing tool dramatically simplifies tyre and puncture repair. No more pinched tubes. Compact to carry on your bike. Weighs only 800 grams.


15mm Axle Shaft – optional

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17mm Axle Shaft – optional

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25mm Axle Shaft – optional

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Puncture repairs or changing a bike tyre are one of those tasks that can be daunting if not done properly. Particularly if you are far from help fighting a tyre back onto a rim, only to realize you have pinched your only tube.

Conventional tyre tools such as tyre levers are often more of a hindrance than a help. Until now.

With the Desert Fox Tyre Ease battling with a tough off-road tyre is now a thing of the past. Simple to use, this innovative tire changing tool is a quantum leap forward in simplifying a tedious and often frustrating tyre replacement or puncture repair.

This tyre tool dispenses with the need to  pry or hold a tyre iron with your knee or elbow while pushing on the other two and hoping for the best.

Instead of exerting large amounts of force prying the bead over the rim with a tyre lever (while gingerly avoiding the fragile tube inside), the Desert Fox Tyre Ease simply pushes the bead of the tyre over the rim using a rack and pinion mechanism.

Using the tool is very simple; insert the axle shaft into the rim hub and operate the lever to push the bead over the edge of the rim. Not only does this method avoid any chance of pinching the tube, it also prevents scratching the rim or damaging your tyre.

The Desert Fox  Tyre Ease is supplied standard with a 20 mm axle shaft.

20 mm is the most common axle size. There are some bikes however with 15 mm, 17 mm and 25 mm axles. Please ensure that you know your correct axle size for both your front and rear axle  prior to using the tool. Consult your dealer if required.

Simple, quick and effortless. The way it should be.


  • Built to last a lifetime.
  • Components custom CNC machined from Aero grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Strong steel gears with a treated black oxide surface protection.
  • Compact and lightweight – perfect for taking overland , on a day trail or off-road.
  • Quickly dismantles to a smaller compact form  enabling you to take it with you.
  • Dramatically simplifies tyre installation, effortlessly.
  • Eliminates pinching the tube during installation.
  • Prevent any rim damage.



What wheel sizes can I use this tool with ?
The Tyre EASE tyre tool is suitable for wheels sizes from 16” to 21”

And what Axle size?
The Tyre EASE is supplied standard with a 20mm axle shaft.

20mm is the most common axle size. There are some bikes however with 17mm and 25mm axles.

Please ensure that you know your correct axle size for both your front and rear axle  prior to using the tool. Consult you dealer if required.

If you need a different size, please order either the 25mm sleeve or the 17mm shaft accessory.The 25mm sleeve is slips over the original 20mm shaft.

Note: In an emergency the standard 20mm shaft can be used on bikes with a larger axel size however we recommend the 25mm slip on sleeve in such instances.
The 17mm sleeve is designed to screw in and replace the standard 20mm shaft .

Can I remove a tyre with the Tyre EASE tool?
Removing a tyre is the easy part and only requires tyre spoons.

The Desert Fox Tyre EASE will not remove a tyre . It sole purpose  is designed for the hard part- putting the tyre back on!

Will I pinch my tyre with the Tyre EASE?
No. Most definitely not. The tool pushes the tyre bead over the rim. It is never in contact with the inner tube.

Will it damage my rim or scratch it?
When used correctly the Tyre EASE tool only touches the tire and not the rim.

Do I require a lubricant when installing a tyre with the Tyre EASE?
No. The EASE is just that. Easy require no need to carry any form of lubricant.

Is this tool robust enough for off road use?
The EASE  is designed for adventurers who are often alone in remote areas, without the benefit of an extra pair of hands.

We realize any tool under such conditions will be subject to more abuse than normal and as a result The EASE has been designed tough for a lifetime of use, with minimal fuss . Simply assemble and ensure the gears mesh. Nothing more. Time and time again

What is the weight of the Desert Fox Tyre EASE?
Aero grade 6061 aluminum was used as much as possible in the construction to minimize weight. As a result it weighs less than 800 grams.

Is the tool easy to carry on my bike?
Yes. In less than a minute it dismantles into 3 pieces which can roll into a compact package.

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