SW-Motech Hard Luggage Carrier Triumph Tiger 800XC/XCX

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SW-Motech Hard Luggage Carrier is next generation of luggage carrier.

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The SW-Motech Hard Luggage Carrier (Quick-Lock EVO carrier) is next generation of luggage carrier by SW-MOTECH.

Same, great Quick-Lock design, with a more robust, tubular steel rack that has an even narrower profile than the original sidecarrier! The racks can be removed from the bike in less than 30 seconds without special tools by opening 3 quick-release fasteners on each side.

These black, powder-coated, tubular steel racks are compatible with luggage cases from GIVI (Monokey system) V2, Kappa, Shad, Hepco-Becker, Krauser, and more.

When the racks are removed, only 3 small mounting tabs remain visible on either side of the bike. These mounting tabs are almost invisible, preserving the original visual appearance and size of your motorcycle.

Required luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. In addition, optional key locks (also sold separately) are available to lock the racks to the bike, with the key unlocking a pair of special quick-release fasteners which secure the racks on each side.


  • QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carrier.
  • Mounting material.
  • Mounting instruction.

QUICK-LOCK EVO Carriers Triumph Tiger 800XC Fitting Instructions