SW-MOTECH Vario Barback for 28 mm handlebars

R 1,450.00

Vario Barback for 28 mm handlebars by SW-Motech offers the ultimate in personalized riding comfort, letting you control the position of the handlebar.

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SW-MOTECH Vario Barback for 28 mm handlebars

  • Variable barback: can be pivoted for personalized positioning of the handlebar.
  • Fits motorcycles with 28 mm handlebar.
  • The handlebar is relocated by 50 mm without spacer and by 60 mm with spacer.
  • For an individual sitting position.
  • CNC-milled, made of extremely firm aluminium alloy.
  • Silver anodized.


  • Vario Barback.
  • 10 mm spacer.
  • Mounting material.
  • Mounting instructions.

Please Note:

  • Including cover.
  • The length of bowden cables has to be checked individually.
  • Change your handlebar from racy to long distance fit in just a moment.

If this is not the Handlebar Risers you are looking for visit our SW-Motech Handlebar page to find more options and more info. 

Fitting Instructions 28mm Varoi Barback